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Making silicone molds with pouring and multi-piece methods-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-24

1>. For multiple piece instructions , you can use the vacuumized silicone to make molds in a brushing or pouring way.If you want to do a multi-pieces mold in a brushing way, it’s necessary to coat a layer of release agent or dusting agent on the original mold before brushing, then brush a layer of silicone rubber to the surface of the products ( note: it should be brushed evenly), then after 30 minutes spread a layer of gauze or fiber glass cloth to improve the tear strength, then coat the second layer of silicone rubber, after the second layer silicone cured, you can make a outer mold, which can be made of plaster or resin material.

2>. Pouring way:  pouring or perfusion mold is always used for simple or smooth products, but it will save more time and labour than mold line. Enclose the products with plastic plate or glass plate, pour the vacuumized silicone onto the products, after the silicone cured, you can take out your products, then a mold is formed.(note: Generally, in this pouring way,you should use low-hardness silicone rubber to make molds, so it will be easier to demould and will not destroy the products.)

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