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what is the silicone pad making steps ?-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-24

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1. Wash and clean molds with detergents, dry the molds and use an air gun if necessary, and apply a film of mold release.

2. Determine the normal proportion of pad printing silicone and silicone oil on the basis of customer requirements. For normal pad printing rubber head, hardness between 15 A°--25A°will be appropriate.

3. The normal proportion is as follows: 100g silicone admixed with 30g silicone oil for a hardness of 20 A° will be suitable for pad printing for alloy toy cars and products with small patterns and contact area.

4. Admixture amount of curing agent and chemical reaction of silicone: e.g., mix 100g of silicone with 50g of silicone oil, after they are sufficiently and evenly mixed, add curing agent as per 2% of the total weight of silicone and silicone oil, mix again for 2-3 minutes before exhausting.

5. vacuum pumping. Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes. If no vacuum machine, less catalyst will be advisable.

6. Pull the mixure into the moulds, demould after 4~6 hours.

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