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LED industry should promote the development of practical technological progress

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

       LED industry should be practical technological progress to promote the development with the recent LED industry market development, blindly invest in the LED industry, the low-end product production is excessive, high-end products, resulting in chaotic city in the market that some business failures. According to the understanding of the market has recently appeared on the market a suitable high-end LED soft light silicone potting LED business success base and quality of the product, the following electronic potting, lighting encapsulants to share with you the latest industry information dynamic.     
       China International Optoelectronic Exposition has covered five areas of expertise for optical communication, infrared sensor and laser, precision optics, LED, etc., which greatly expanded the CIOE as a photoelectric exhibition industry chain content. China International Optoelectronic Exposition from 2001 began to get involved in the field of LED, energy saving, low-carbon economy is the world trend, the LED industry is a very important area. "Yangxian Cheng said," Pearl River Delta accounted for half of China's LED industry Shenzhen accounted for half of the LED industry in the Pearl River Delta, our Expo in Shenzhen, is very concerned about this area. "    
       Of the LED industry, the Chinese government gave a strong policy support in early 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "Ten City, 10000" semiconductor lighting application and demonstration of urban planning, covering 21 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other "LED is a sunrise industry, there is no doubt, but the problem is, we can not only see the government policy support in the industry and its development prospects, we should see the real problem, but should focus on to solve those problems. "    
      Last year, Yang Xiancheng organized in 12 cities, such as street lights Authority government agencies such as the person in charge, "we opened a seminar is to discuss these cities are in the process of the application of LED lighting encountered." Yangxian Cheng said. "In fact, a lot of, for example, Chongqing, which is a foggy, humid city, Chongqing officials proposed, how the LED street lamp can not be foggy affect the intensity of illumination, and how not to affect the chips and other components due to moisture life, and so on, these practical problems require the industry to study, to solve. "Many people are happy to 'sing the praises of', they like to talk at length about the government support policy, I do not deliberately go to the 'naysayers' The Government supports the policy on our industry, how to use it, more importantly, how to use it to solve the problem. "Yangxian Cheng said," We are the LED industry should be down to earth, step by step with technological advances to promote industrial development , rather than rush into mass action. "

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