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Silicone is used as finishing agent for silk fabric

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

Silicone is used as finishing agent for silk fabric

Silicone is used as finishing agent for silk fabric         Silk is a senior textile products by domestic and foreign people's favorite, but silk fabric defect is poor elasticity, hand rubbing will wrinkle, and large shrinkage. Therefore, silk shrinkproof crease-resistant fabric has become an important measure to improve quality in silk industry. Over the years, silk printing and dyeing industry in our country on the aspects of silk finishing have done quite a lot of research work, such as the use of amino resin, epoxy resin, chemical on silk finishing. But because the amino resin finishing process is long, and other various reasons, has not yet been widely applied in production. At present, more is the use of D3 softener finishing, the silk feeling, luster, elasticity is a certain improvement, but still not ideal.

       In recent years, with the popularization and application of silicone in the textile industry, the silk industry is widely used in chemical with organic silicon as the main body of the finishing process combined with mechanical finishing, in order to improve the performance of silk fabric. Silicone finishing silk fabric, the product has a good level in the handle, luster, elasticity, rate of less than 3% shrinkage, and maintain the natural style characteristic of silk.

       Elastic organosilicon finishing with D3 softener finishing for silk fabric and wash performance comparison, the elastic organosilicon finishing of silk fabric is increased by 40 degrees, increase about 30 than D3 softener; after 5 times washing, its elasticity decreased about 10-15 degrees, while the D3 softener process is to down to about 30 degrees.

       Various types of silicone  finishing agent entrusted by the soft, silk fabric smoothness degree of each different, the film-forming silicone products such as the United States Corning DC-1111 ( elastic membrane ) product flexibility after finishing the best. But for real silk finishing silicone, preferably using single-component, low temperature elastic membrane species, such as the United States Corning DC-108, Japan TORAY Silicone BY-22-812E (SM8709 ), STU Ji'nan petrochemical factory production of amino modified silicone finishing agent; in ionic, preferably emulsion using non - cabinet ion type, so it is easy to add other finishing agent and anti-static agent.

        In order to make after finishing silk fabric to soft and body bone, thick and elastic, smooth and not exhausted the comprehensive effect, simple use silicone finishing agent can not meet the above requirements, and other finishing agent must be used to make up for its shortcomings. Other finishing agent chosen roughly divided into the following categories: 1, non-silicone softener, such as Shanghai assistant factory production of softening agent NDS, FC and Japanese imports of Bicron 33N; 2, amino resin, 2D resin, CPU resin, melamine resin and so on; 3, water soluble polyurethane resin Shanghai Xinguang, such as changing the factory Pu-105 glue, Federal Republic of Germany's Snythpart BAP; 4, epoxy crosslinking agent, such as Tianjin and the three factory production 101 crosslinking agent etc..

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