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Food silicone mold characteristics-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-24

 Food silicone mold characteristics
The food is a two-component add molding silicone mold RTV silicone rubber, food silicone mold tasteless, non-toxic, low viscosity, good fluidity, easy mold release products, no shrinkage, no oil leakage, deformation, heating fast curing. outstanding high temperature performance, which can be widely applied to the working temperature exceeds 150oC occasions. high temperature in the oven or microwave.
 Food silicone mold,Food Silicone rubber mold,Food silicon mold-HongYe silicone
Food silicone mold Description: This product is cured at a high temperature injection molding liquid silicone rubber elastomer formed by the following outstanding properties:
1, excellent transparency
2, excellent tear strength (≥ 35N/mm)
3, excellent resilience
4, excellent thermal stability and weather resistance (use temperature -60 ° C - 250 ° C)
5, anti-yellowing
6, heat aging resistance
Food mold silicone volatile compounds tested standards and European ROHS standards comply with EN14350-2 Section 4.9 USACFR21.Part.177.2600 and Europe at 20 ℃, A / B components are mixed in a sealed state, the safe operation of 5 days, safe operation at elevated temperatures shorten the time. The use of deformation. This product raw materials comply with the food softer rubber products used in health standards, the international SGS environmental protection material certification colloidal.
Dedicated medical hose pipes for drinking water in cake model mold making and silicone gasket and medical grade, food grade, body fluid diversion pipe and related silicone rubber products, chocolate molds, candy molds, simulation is widely used in food factory candy factory, cake factory food in the medical field.
1. Take A and B proportion to the standard uniform mixing, and then placed in a vacuum machine vacuum bubble, the general operating time is about 10-15 minutes.
2. Pouring mold, heating to 60 ° C for 2-3 hours, cooling, curing can be removed.
3. Before use, a small quantity of experiments, in order to grasp the skills of its operation, to avoid wasting
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