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The simulation leaves silicone mold introduced--HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-25

The simulation leaves silicone mold introduced
Simulation leaves the choice of the silicone mold:
1, hardness ,28-38 degrees of hardness has no deformation, high temperature, acid and alkali, non-expansion characteristics.
2, shrinkage, complex mode, silicone mold shrinkage in 0.2%.
3, pull, stretch, tearing, high temperature at 200 degrees, no problems, minus -50 degrees silicone mold is still crisp, still very soft, the simulation results is very good.
Viscosity 28000CPS-46000CPS are easy brushing.

Simulation leaves Silicone,Simulation leaves Silicone rubber-HongYe silicone
The Figure - Simulation leaves silicone molds
The simulation leaves silicone mold features
Silicone mold is characterized by good tensile, tear strength, high temperature, multi-turn mode, can be used repeatedly.
728 # moderate hardness, it can be used to do crafts, can be used for furniture decoration materials, either bigger items can also do small items.
638 # hardness, is mainly used for large open fragmentation mode or on-chip mode, such as large-scale relief statue of characters copied, furniture, furniture, architectural decoration, large-scale cement mold making.
Simulation leaves silicone mold characteristics:
① silicone rubber has good operating performance.
② silica gel better flowability, low viscosity, easy to operate.
③ the shrinkage of the silicone rubber is smaller the better.
④ tension of the silicone rubber is better.
⑤ made out of silicone mold can not be deformed.
The ⑥ silicone rubber hardness to be suitable for production use.
⑦ high temperature, turning model number, service life as long as possible, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance.
Why the simulation leaves silicone mold made out of mold surface marks, stripes, smooth?
This phenomenon is the product or model does not want to copy the sake of grinding or polishing. Because in fact the model or the product itself is not enough to smooth or perfect, so you want to copy a product or model, if there is no grinding or polishing, even the best silicone mold also unsightly, not smooth enough. In another case, playing the release agent, there is no uniform brushing can also cause mold is not smooth.
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