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This team so she became the era of beach-goers-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-26

This team so she became the era of beach-goers
Businessman's success secret? Successful businessman can have a different style, charisma, knowledge of only the eye and the formation of high-performance teams, leadership is behind the different styles there are common characteristics.
In today's increasingly competitive business, business success or failure, depends not only on a person's IQ, but also directly subject to his emotional intelligence, financial intelligence. Only has excellent ability to triumph in shopping malls, invincible.
Entrepreneurship in fact, will be successful, as long as the stick.
 Silicone,Silicone rubber,silicon-HongYe silicone
Hongye values​​: customer first, the pursuit of the ideal, go all out, serious and responsible, win-win cooperation
Autumn leaves employment outlook:
If you are wise, give wisdom;
If you do not have wisdom, come up with sweat;
If you have neither wisdom nor sweat, please do not come to apply!
Hong Ye Jie Technology is because there is such a team before walking in the forefront of the industry of the silica gel.
Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is a professional silicone, silicone rubber production, research and development, sales as one of the Science and Technology Corporation, the group was established in 2005 in Hong Kong Hongye Ltd., Shenzhen Hongye silicone plant and other affiliated companies.
We are committed to improve the quality of human life: magic silicone! The Hongye pursuit of the ideal, the pursuit of customer value, win-win cooperation!
The Company solemn promise, product purchase Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd., within three months of the receipt of the goods, if the customer due to product quality problems, the company responsible for refunding, replacement, and tracking services to the home, on-site customers to do product demonstrations. Free for customers to solve technical problems, mold technology, free printing silica gel and Pad printing production technology. Solve your worries, and allow your company to make first-class products is our pursuit. The company welcomes new and old customers and dealers around came to discuss business cooperation agency. Let us work together to create brilliant.

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