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The cup special silicone mold introduced-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-27

The cup special silicone mold introduced
Cup special silicone mold is generally based glue, crosslinking agents, catalysts, fillers, additives five. Theory, as long as the first three parts can be made from silicone molds, but in order to obtain a certain strength, the "filler" is generally necessary as the case portion, while the filling additives. Usually the gum base, the crosslinking agent and the filler is made of a group of parts, and the catalyst as a separate group.
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Cup with the special silicone mold features:
(1) with silicone rubber has good operating performance.
② silica gel better flowability, low viscosity, easy to operate.
③ the shrinkage of the silicone rubber is smaller the better.
④ tension of the silicone rubber is better.
⑤ made out of silicone mold can not be deformed.
The ⑥ silicone rubber hardness to be suitable for production use.
⑦ high temperature, turning model number, service life as long as possible, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance.
Cup with a special silicone mold production methods:
1, with a plastic bowl Sheng 500g plastic, the reinforcing agent 1.5% at room temperature, stir spare.
2, mother die blanks with a release agent lubrication.
3, good lubrication Female parison surrounded surrounded by strips of wood, strips of wood is also applied to releasing treatment, the middle of the gap is preferably 2-4cm.
4, with a good glue pouring slowly along a fixed perfusion point, from time to time shock to exclude the air inside.
5,60-minute curing adhesive completely after four weeks and then surrounded the wood, leaving a 4cm gap, remove the logs bar.
6, gypsum powder 1000g watered into the wooden box, filled date (wooden box application plastic film is divided into two parts to facilitate Chaimo).
7,20 minutes after removal of strips of wood, mold do complete.
Cup with special silicone mold some common problems:
1, why would cup with the dedicated silicone mold table dry quit?
Cup with the dedicated silicone mold is condensation-type silicone, which is cured by absorbing moisture in the air, silica gel in the process of making the water evaporated, but not transferred to the appropriate amount of water, it will This phenomenon has occurred. Solution: This phenomenon does not belong to product quality issues, but because there is no control of water to enhance the shelf life of silicone, the shelf life for a long time to appear the phenomenon, as long as the use of silica gel, add the appropriate amount of 0.05% water, stir on can solve the situation.
2, why the mold surface traces, streaks, not smooth?
This phenomenon is the product or model does not want to copy the sake of grinding or polishing. Because in fact the model or the product itself is not enough to smooth or perfect, so you want to copy a product or model, if there is no grinding or polishing, even the best silicone mold also unsightly, not smooth enough. In another case, playing the release agent, there is no uniform brushing can also cause mold is not smooth.
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