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Prospects for the development of medical robots-HongYe silicone Date:2013-05-23

Prospects for the development of medical robots
Medical robotics is a set of medical, bio-mechanics, mechanics, mechanics, materials science, computer graphics, computer vision, mathematical analysis, robotics and many other disciplines as one of the new cross-over study areas, with important research value, the military and civilian has a broad application prospects, is currently a hot topic in the field of robotics. Medical surgical robot is mainly used for the sick and wounded, rescue, transport, and rehabilitation.

In recent years. Medical robotics become one of the hot research field of robotics. East and West in many advanced countries have carried out special project investment actively carry out medical robotics research.
Figure - Medical Robotics
Medical robot is perhaps solve some flaws on hospital services approach (complete some heavy and disgusting work).
Robot safety measures are very important, Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. to ensure that manufacturing robot system long term, stable, reliable, low noise, high speed work. Concentrate on doing the robot is our company's business philosophy!
At present, the practical application of the medical robot surgical field focused on
Ye Jie Technology in the medical robot has done very well, and has seized the opportunity. But there is still a long way to go. As technology advances and changes in people's understanding! Well as fascinating medical effects and huge driven by commercial interests! Various medical and para-medical robotics technology will be more in-depth and extensive research and application! Its prospects will be very broad.
Advances in robotic technology continues to drive forward the development of medical technologies for future surgery depicts a beautiful blueprint.
For domestic enterprises, this would be an opportunity and challenge with the deposit of the era.
First, the low level of technology to be improved.
Second, the industrial chain urgent fulfillment and specifications.
In addition, the service robot is China's manufacturing breakthrough. Compared to medical robots, service robots for manufacturing of technical proficiency requirements slightly lower, there is no hard and fast equipment needs, more in line with China's current industry conditions. Service robots can benefit from working at all levels of society's needs.
Market prospects, the reality is not optimistic about the plight of China's robot manufacturers are not in the market in good stead.
So Ye Jie Technology have to do is be in scientific research and the application of technology to increase investment, the localization of key components to reduce production costs. Making health care and service robots more humane, intelligent. In medical and other fields has great application value and good market prospects.
The ability of an enterprise can not be alone in all aspects of medical robotics to achieve a breakthrough, select the joint venture is a way for enterprises.
By 2015, there will be 1 to 2 of industrial robots in the domestic enterprises occupy a certain market share in 2020 will be the beginning of China's medical robotics industry competitive.
Ye Jie Technology is to develop this talent in robotics increasingly has its own advantages, I think in 2015 or even 2020, the domestic market will have a robot leaves.

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