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Learning about Network Marketing Date:2013-07-29

Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. conducted a six-day training for staff members on network marketing from July 20 to 25, 2013. Most of our employees had participated in the training. In addition, there were over thirty entrepreneurs who are from other companies such as Zhongshan Kepai electronic Co., Ltd. also took part in this study.


Network marketing training included the President and practical courses. The President courses talked about the issues of marketing strategy and direction, marketing based website building and search engine optimization, etc. And the practical courses referred to the applications of paid and free B2B and other network-marketing platform, such as Baidu Knows, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Wenku, blog and microblog and so on.


In the network marketing training, President Li proposed the concept of "full marketing". He said that not only the employees of the company's foreign department, domestic department, network department and marketing department needed to lean network marketing and did the promotion; other departments also had to learn marketing. I thought the "full marketing" meant that everyone in our company should have consciousness of "marketing" and "service consciousness", combined with our own work, to participate in the activities of marketing, customer service, including internal customers and external customers.


After all, now is the era of marketing, marketing has become the most important core competitiveness for everyone. Learn marketing is also beneficial to our company to seize the market, promote our products and brands. Therefore, we must take further marketing minds and become our subconscious, ready to marketing, to do everything within its power in favor of the company's marketing thing.


In a short, all participants have learned a lot of knowledge, which is conducive to work better. Meanwhile, it is also better to show our company's corporate culture.


The outstanding enterprise culture is the booster of rapid development of enterprise. HongYe always pay attention to the company's corporate culture construction, whether it is morning exercise, training or organizational aspects of employees' collective tourism, all of these are best done in the industry. By doing so, HongYe develop so rapidly.


If you want to know more information about the network marketing training or our company's corporate culture, please visit our website: or send E-mail to contact with us at! We will answer your questions with the fastest speed!

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