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The current situation and development of pad printing technique Date:2013-07-29

                         The current situation and development of pad printing technique 
When the pad printing technique was introduced to china as a special printing technique, it had obvious advantages over other methods in printing on the products with small size or with roughness. What’s more, it remedies the disadvantage of screen printing technique, and as a result, it develops very well since these years. In the initial stage of 1990s with the further opening of China market, large quantities of foreign-funded enterprise come to china with the traditional industries such as electronics, plastics, gifts, toys, and so on. Pad printing and screen printing technique played a very important role as the method of decorating, so they developed extraordinarily well. According to incompletely statistics, they apply in the industries mentioned above at the ratio of 27% , 64% ,51% and 66% respectively. 


The pad printing ink is mainly solvent ink at present. And it is usually replaced by screen printing oil, which has a good effect. Nowadays, most of manufacturers combine the production of pad printing ink and screen printing ink as one series. However, this combination often cause some problems in the field of pad printing. As a result, AMRABU takes the lead in developing an printing ink specialized for pad printing which has a faster drying rate and more stable performance. The ink layer of pad printing is somewhat thin, so it need higher purity and fineness, which is difficult at present. Apart from the specialized pad printing ink of MARABU, DUJO also begins to gain market share. 
UV printing ink is popular in the field of screen printing. Some time ago, there was a problem that UV pad printing ink could not be replaced by screen printing ink while the production of UV screen printing ink is much easier than the production of UV pad printing ink. Fortunately, this problem has been overcome, companies like MARABU have brought their excellent product to the market. 

Thanks to the rapid development of new technology, Hongye pad printing silicon rubber is in a period of prosperity. Our good quality and service has been greatly appreciated by customers and we will move forward!you can see our pad printing silicon rubber in the follow picture.


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