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Pad printing technology applying to plastic bottle cap Date:2013-07-30

                        Pad printing technology applying to plastic bottle cap

Several advantages for Pad printing technology applying to plastic bottle cap:

(1)it is convenient to change the kind and do the process of platemaking.
(2)Less investment than all the other printing equipments.
(3)Highly adaptable. mprove its  adaptability greatly, in other words, suitable for the plastic bottle cap with different shapes and sizes. According to our survey, diameter of 80% plastic bottle caps in the market is shorter than 40mm. That is, a pad printing machine with the steel plate of 100mm×100mm could finish the printing for around 80% plastic bottle cap in the market.

The important factors of pad printing for plastic bottle cap:

1.It is crucial to choose appropriate printing ink for the process of printing plastic bottle caps. Bottle caps mainly adopt the material of PP or PE, so the choice of printing ink should match it. When we choose printing ink, we should mind the followings:
(1)Some printing ink were added curing agent to improve the adhesion effect, but at the same time increase the difficulties for operation. So we advice customers had better not adopt the way mentioned above, unless the customers have special needs.
(2)Had better adopt pad printing ink rather than screen printing ink. Screen printing ink has better leveling property, while the pad printing ink has better gelatinous nature. Screen printing ink dries slower than pad printing ink. Although solvent screen printing ink could apply to pad printing, its effect is not as good as the specialized pad printing ink.

2.Printing pad

Customers usually ignore the choice of appropriate printing pad, which do no good to the process of pad printing. When we select printing pad, we should carefully bear in mind: choose printing pad with good demoulding property. This type of printing pad could improve the printing quality for the surface of PP or PE. Hong ye manufacture superior pad printing silicon rubber which is an ideal material of printing pad for plastic bottle cap. Shenzhen Hong Ye Je Co., Ltd is engaged in production ,R&D and sales of silicone rubber and silicone products.

pad printing silicon rubber applying to plastic bottle cap

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