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The Introduction of RTV-1 silicon rubber Date:2013-07-31

The characteristics of RTV-1:
A. Because it is packed with only one component, it is not only suitable for handwork or automatically mechanic potting process.
B. Vulcanizing time rests with the vulcanization system, relative humidity and temperature of the environment and silicone layer’s thickness. On the premise that the vulcanization system was confirmed, it can speed up the vulcanization process to elevate the humidity and temperature of the environment. Under the condition of typical environmental(temperature of 25℃, relative humidity of 80%), the surface of the silicone rubber loses stickness generally after 10min-30min, the silicon layer with 0.3cm could cure with 24h. After around 3 weeks, the curing depth and intensity could gradually get enhanced.
C. The temperature doesn’t has big impact on the viscosity of the RTV-1 silicon material. No matter it is in hot summer or in cold winter, we could adopt the same operation method and there is no need to decrease the viscosity, which could save energy considerably.
D. RTV-1 silicon rubber dispense with heating, curing and dedicated devices, which save much cost.
E. Silicon RTV-1 has a good viscosity for most metals and nonmetal fundamental materials(such as glass, ceramics, woods,concretes and so on ), if adopt silane coupling agents, the viscosity gets better.


RTV-1 silicone rubber


The usage of RTV-1 silicon rubber.
. RTV-1 silicon rubber possesses good characteristics of electrical property, chemical property, heat resistance, natural aging resistance, burning resistance, water-proof property, ventilated property and so on, and it can be used for a long term within the temperature range of -60℃ - 180℃. It absorb and release no heat and hardly shrink when it gets cured. Furthermore, RTV-1 silicone rubber has a ideal adhesion, which is the main reason why it is adopted for adhesion agents and sealant agents.
B. It is applying to making protective coating and caulking material.

Other characteristics of RTV-1 silicone rubber:
A.Good thermal conductivity
B.Favorable fire resistance
C.Favorable liquidity

Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is a science and technology corporation, which is engaged in production, R&D and sales of silicone rubber and silicone products including the RTV-1 silicon rubber as introduced above.

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