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The Characteristics of Manual Mold Silicone Date:2013-08-01

The characteristics of manual mold silicon rubber:
1.Light viscosity, good fluidity, easy-operation.
2.Low shrinkage, no deformation.
3.High temperature resistance.
(Note: In general, the duplication times is the more, the better. But in terms of manul mold making, it is enough to duplicate the product for a few times. So there is no special need for duplication times)

Manual mold silicone rubber

Detailed information about manul mold silicon:
Manual mold silicon series are all free-flowing liquid. No matter what the color is, its quality is permanent. Component A is flowing liquid and Component B is catalyst. We should at first dispose the original mold well and prepare appropriate amount of silicone rubber, then add 2%-3% catalyst into it and stir the mixture evenly, after all the operation finished, the manual mold silicone rubber could do the process of perfusion moulding or brushing moulding. The manual mold silicon can cure after 2-3 hours. We’d better put the final manual mold into practice after 24 hours. Hongye manual mold silicon merits the customers’ trust, because it possesses the characteristics of no deformation, no shrinkage, high temperature resistance and enough duplication times.

The brief manufacture process of manual mold silicone rubber:

Brushing cast:
A. Evenly brush the mixed silicon rubber on the product which is covered with mold spray.
B. 30 min later, brush a second coat wich can increase the tension of the mold.
C. Cover a piece of gauze on it after another 30 min of a second cross linking reaction, brush the surface evenly.
D. Cover a another coat.
Perfusion moulding:
It is suitable for simple products with the smooth surface. Slowly perfuse the mixed silicone rubber into the square frame. After the silicon rubber dries, you could take out the product out. The process nearly finished.
Making external mold
Make a square frame with 4 pieces of wooden boards or rubber plates, then place the product
of step 2 in the middle.
Perfuse the gypsum into the square frame.
Hongye has the following products:
HY-528# is applicable for making molds of small products and could be reduplicated 2-3times.
HY-540# has moderate hardness and its reduplication will be 20-30 times.
HY-570# is applicable to large size products, and it is suitable for electronic equipment anti-vibration.

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