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Cultural Stone Mold Making Silicone Date:2013-08-06

The academic name of culture stone is cast stone. "Culture stone" is a general designation, which can be divided into two types: natural culture stone and artificial culture stone. Culture stone can be divided into sedimentary sandstone and hard slate from the material of natural. Culture stone is not a single stone, itself not attached any cultural meaning, and it is the way of processing and production which can reach a certain adornment effect. The appealing characteristics of culture stone is its color and lines which can maintain the original style and features and show the connotation of stone texture and artistic quality through changing colors.


Artificial culture stone is professionally processed refined through the use of pumice stone, ceramic, calcium and other materials. It is reproduced of the natural form of each stone texture, color and lustre, simple sense in the method of artificial upgrade through the adoption of high and new technology; which produces the effect of highly original, natural, simple and unsophisticated charm. High-grade artificial culture stone also has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, light texture, rich color, no mildew, non-combustible, good freezing resistance, easy to install, etc.


Culture stone mold making silicone is also called two-component liquid silicone rubber. It is a liquid adhesive with good fluidity, fast curing, safer and environmental protection when compare with solid glue that vulcanizes at high temperature.


Culture stone mold making silicone is mainly used for reduplication and mold production of toys, simulation animal sculptures, Buddhist carvings handicrafts and other products. It can also be used in gifts, decoration, plate engrave, human replica, art crafts, resin crafts, poly resin crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, polystyrene, vinyl plastic, wax, concrete stone, candle crafts, plaster casting, stationeries, household appliances, lighting products and large cement components.



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Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. is culture stone mold making silicone rubber manufacturer. Currently 95% of our products has been widely exported to more than 90 countries and gets its great reputation from all over the world. Culture stone mold making silicone is the knock-out product of our factor, and our culture stone production plant in accordance with the special requirements of the development of varieties, which are divided into high, medium and low-grade. Because of the particularity of culture stone material of production, culture stone mold making silicone is different from general resin mold silicone rubber. It requires these features of heat resistance, expansion, acid and alkali resistance and tear resistance as well as different hardness. So, we advise you not to mix it in order to adapt to the special requirements of culture stone moulds. According to the different materials, two series of culture stone making silicone rubber are divided, which are HY-6 and HY-7. The two series of products with different hardness of our company can be for you to choosing.


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