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Hong Ye Jie Technology Co.,Ltd. strengthens job training in internal exectutives

Writer:Hong Date:2013-03-20

Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., ltd. attaches great importance to the growth of each employee in our company. So, we will put more emphasis on training and promote the ability of employees in order to let every staff qualified for their jobs in the year of 2013. With an immediate action, our managerial comrades had a three-day business management training course, which was dated from March 18, 2013 to March 20, 2013. 


Middle and senior management cadres say that they have learned a lot of knowledge and got more management experience in this training. They will transform the learning outcomes for their practical work by drawing up a much more rational working system and work process, which will make the coordinate work much more effective, increase our work efficiency, promote the level of production & sales. By doing this we will be able to deliver the most convenient, reasonable and satisfying service to our customers. I think, Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., ltd. can create such a good team because of the company's outstanding corporate culture and training of the staff. Our company has a r&d team with a solid theoretical foundationrich experience, strong ability of work and a worker team with compliance disciplined, strong sense of responsibility, skilled technology, serious and responsible working attitude, especially those with a branch fighting super star, who is with fluent in all major foreign languages, high level of business , be earnest and responsible , young but promising domestic and international sales team. With such a team, we promote our silicone rubber to Southeast Asia, Europe, the America and etc, and our silicone rubber is well-received by the customers from more than 50 countries and regions.


If you want to know more information about the training or our company's corporate culture, please tour our website: or send E-mail to contact with us at! We will reply to you with the fastest speed!

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