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How to make a mold for resin products?-HongYe silicon Date:2013-04-20

 1, choose the best original mold and make it smooth, then clean this mold and spray the relies agent evenly on the original mold.
 2, settle it on one piece of wood, and surround the original mold with another four piece of wooden boards.
 3, Mix the silicone rubber with curing agent as 100:2 evenly, then put them into the vacuum machine to relies the bubbles, the time should be 3-5min.
 4, Pouring the vacuumed silicone into the wooden box, after 2-3 hours later, it will be dry out.
 5, Take off the wooden boards, and clean this finished silicone mold.
 6, After 24 hours later, it can be used.
7, But, when we use this silicone mold, we should make sure that the resin products will finish molding in three minutes, or the mold will get burned out.

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