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Detailed teaching instruction for making mold with molding silicone rubber?-HongYe silicon Date:2013-04-20

step one: prepare a smooth wooden board,vacuum tank and original mold,
            Cling the original mold on the vacuum tank with the golue,then adhere it to the board.
            Seal up the little gap between the boards by melta.            
step two: take 100g of part A(silicone rubber) and add 2g part B(catalyst) and mix the silicone rubber and catalyst evenly.
Step three: it is strongly recommended that entrapped air be removed in a vacuum chamber,allowing the mix to completely expand and then collapse, after a further 1-2 minutes under vacuum,the mix should be inspected,and can be used if free of air bubbles.A volume increase of 3-5 times will occur on vacuum de-airing the mixture,so a suitably large container should be chosen.
Step four:pour the mixed silicone rubber as soon as possible onto the original,avoiding air entrapment.If the working temperature is significantly lower ,the cure time will be longer.If the room temperature or humidity is very high,the working time of the catalyzed mixture will be reduced.

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