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Human Body Molding Silicone

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LIQUID SILICONE FOR MOLDING HUMAN BODY DESRIPTION:(LINK) This is a kind of medical grade silicone, skin safe silicone, medical grade silicone rubber, specially used for molding human body, to make a silicone mold for silicone prosthesis, such as silicone artificial limbs, silicone mask,woman beauty model and so on. This human body life casting silicone can be cured completely at room temperature. The safety of Human Body Molding Silicone can reach the EU-ROHS requirements fully.   LIQUID SILICONE FOR MOLDING HUMAN BODY CHARACTERISTIC: 1.Good electrical performance, chemical stability and non-toxic 2.Good cut-growth resistance,Low shrinkage 3.Be physiologically inert, it is non-toxic and odorless, can resist acid and alkali; 4.Physiological inert, non-toxic, tastelessness, aging-resistance, 5. High tear and tensile strength 6. Chemical stability with features of waterproof 7.Equipped with RoHs REACH SGS ISO9001 ISO14001 etc. certificate     LIQUID SILICONE FOR MOLDING HUMAN BODY OPERATION: 1.Mix silicone rubber part A and part B with mixing ratio 1:1 evenly 2.Brush the mixture on human’s skin, or on the human model evenly 3.Waiting for dry 4.Take the silicone mold off, then the silicone mold for human dummies is done.   LIQUID SILICONE FOR MOLDING HUMAN BODY NOTES: 1.This life casting silicone rubber is addition cure silicone rubber, its natural enemies during the vulcanizing process are water, impurity, organic tin catalyst, acid, alkaline and other organisms containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen, which will influence the vulcanization of the silicon rubber. So, please keep it stay away from those substances during using or store. 2. As the addition cure silicone rubber is easy to cause uncured, please clean up all the tools which had mixed with condensation cure silicone rubber before, to avoid the addition cure silicone rubber be uncured. 3. The color, viscosity, time of operation, and hardness after solidified are adjustable as your request; LIQUID SILICONE FOR MOLDING HUMAN BODY SHELF LIFE: Twelve(12) months from date of shipment when stored under 25℃ in the original sealed packages at dry and cool places.   LIQUID SILICONE FOR MOLDING HUMAN BODY PACKAGE: 1kg/jar, 5kgs/drum, 20kgs/drum, 25kgs/drum, 200kgs/drum and vacuumed packing is available.

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