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        • Product Name: Moulding Silicone Rubber
        • Product No.: HY-615,HY-620
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: Moulding Silicone Rubber is primarily intended for poly resin crafts,PU crafts,PU resin crafts ,etc.
        • Commodity price: Discuss personally
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        Moulding Silicone Rubber Applications:
        Moulding Silicone Rubber is primarily intended for poly resin crafts,PU crafts,PU resin crafts ,gypsum crafts ,unsaturated resin crafts, lighting and candles crafts ,plastic toy , stationery gifts crafts industry, a large statue Buddha, relievo furniture, furniture decorative materials, statues Buddha, artifacts copied, building decoration materials, large-scale cement mold, artificial fossils Factory,Europe component factory, simulation landscapes, animals and plants sculpture, sandstone crafts and so on.


        Description of Moulding Silicone Rubber:
        It’s two parts, part A and part B, both of them are liquid form. 
        Mixing ratio is 100:2 to 5 or 1:1 or 10:1.
        It’s mainly used for mold making.

        Features of Moulding Silicone Rubber:
        1.An exceptional fluidity and good operability, easy to demold
        2.Moderate hardness
        3.High tensile and tear strength
        4.Good flexibility
        5.Cure at room temperature
        6.Outstanding bubble releasing
        7.High duplication times

        8.Food grade


        Moulding Silicone Rubber advantages:
        * Reusable
        * Molds can be used over and over again.
        * Does not shrink
        * Has good abrasion resistance.
        * Comes in a wide range of hardnesses and therefore gives long mold life.
        * Can be poured, brushed or sprayed on to the original model.
        * Is the most economical overall (compared to other mold rubbers).

        HONG YE JIE Profile & Advantages:
        As the global leading silicone rubber manufacturer with 20 years experience of silicone rubber’s production, and 12 years silicone rubber’s exporting experience, Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology is the BIGGEST EXPORTER of liquid silicone rubber of China since 2013, and our silicone rubber has been well-received by 138 countries and areas with 18 experts R&D team!


        HONG YE JIE LIQUID SILICONE Packaging & Shipping:
        Sample packaging: 1kg
        Cargo packaging: metal drum and plastic drum: 20kg, 25kg and 200kg
        Shippping: Transport as non-dangerous Article 


        Moulding Silicone Rubber Datasheet:

        Note: Above technical datasheet of HY-6 serise is not the fixed parameters, and it's adjustable according to customer's requirements