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        • Product Name: Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber
        • Product No.: HY-Q620 silicone
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: transparent molding silicone rubber is primarily intended for exact mold making,such as casting resi
        • Commodity price: Negotiable
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        Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Description:

        Hong Ye transparent molding silicone rubber is bicomponent liquid silicone,as well as a kind of addition cure silicone rubber.It is non-toxic,tasteless,and certificated FDA food grade.

        Transparent molding silicone rubber consists of two components. Part A is a flowable liquid silicone rubber, part B is the curing agent.It can be cured at room temperature,either at heating.The silicone rubber can pour or brush with good fluidity,easy-operation,not limited by thickness of products,high temperature and thermal stability.


        Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Operation:

        According to the mixing ratio(1:1/10:1)mix part A and part B evenly,then pouring or brushing mixture silicone after vacuum pumping.If you do not have vacuumzier,you can mix slowly.And the color is available on the basis of your requirement.


        Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Application:

        Transparent molding silicone rubber is primarily intended for exact mold making,such as casting resin crafts,Buddhist statue,crystal crafts model,tire mold making,car model,shell crafts,toys model,gifts model,defence products,element mental crafts,etc.It is also used for food grade silicone mold making,such as chocolate,cakes,sugar,etc.For some products,the silicone rubber can duplicate thousands of times.



        Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Features:

        1.Good fluidity and easy-operation.

        2.Not limited by the thickness of products,cure at room temperature or heating-accelerated.

        3.Good stability,low shrinkage,no deformation.

        4.High temperature resistance.(300-500℃)

        5.High tension and tear strength,long-term preservation.

        6.Moderate viscosity,pouring or brushing according to your requirement.


        Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Datasheet of HY-Q620:










        Operation time

        (min 25℃)

        Curing time

        (h 25℃)

        Mixing ratio










        Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Notes:

        1.The part B of silicone rubber is platinum catalyst,which is containing N,S,P organics,so the silicone rubber can not mix these chemicals.

        2.No-smoking to operate the addition silicone rubber to avoid uncure problem.

        3.Do not use the tools which had mixed condensation cure silicone rubber before using addition cure silicone rubber.

        4.The viscosity,operation time and cured hardness are ajustable on the basis of client’s requirement.