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        • Product Name: silicone
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        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: For mold making, life casting, electronic potting, textile products, pad printing
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        What is silicone?

        Silicone is an industry name, it means a lot of exact names, such as silicon, silicone, silicone rubber, molding silicone, manual mold silicone, manual mold design silicone, pad printing silicone, printing silicone rubber, shoe mold silicone, RTV-2, room temperature vulcanization silicone, liquid silicone, mixed compound silicone, addition cure silicone, platinum cure silicone rubber, methyl alkenyl silicone, HTV-2, hot Stamping silicone sheet, silicone roller for printing, silicone rubber tube, seal ring of silicone rubber, electronic potting silicone, LED viewing screen, LCD silicone, life casting silicone,foam silicone rubber, silicone gel, and so on.


        There are two kinds of silicone, one is addition cure silicone, other is condensation silicone.

        The difference between addition cure silicone and condensation cure silicone.
        The mixing ratio of A and B is different
        The mixing ratio of condensation cure silicone is normally 100:2~100:5, some from European and USA is 10:1.
        The mixing ratio of addition silicone is normally 1:1, 10:1, 9:1


        Addition cure silicone is odorless, environmental friendly, and food grade. So the raw material of addition cure silicone is more expensive than that of condensation cure silicone, so does the price.


        Addition silicone has a wider range of applications, such as used for food, life casting, tire mold casting and so on.


        The shrinkage of condensation cure silicone is low, about 0.3%; While addition cure silicone is with lower shrinkage, about 0.1%.


        Addition cure silicone can be transparent, even high transparent, of course the price is more expensive.
        However, condensation cure silicone can be white or other colors too, but no transparent.


        Temperature resistance is different, addition cure silicone is better than condensation cure silicone in this performance.
        Condensation cure silicone: 100-150C
        Addition cure silicone: 150-220C


        The application of silicone:

        for plaster products mold making
        for gypsum products mold making
        for GRC products mold making
        for resin products mold making
        for PU products mold making
        for concrete products mold making
        for wax molding
        for stone/artificial stone mold making
        for epoxy products mold making
        for all kinds of crafts/decorations mold making
        for candle mold making
        for fiberglass mold making
        for cake/chocolate/candy/cookies/butter mold making
        for tiremold making
        for dental mold making
        for soap mold making
        for prototype mold making
        for human parts mold making (hands, arms, legs, fingers, other organs)
        Also, we produce silicone rubber for insole making, silicone rubber for electronic potting, silicone ink, silicone rubber for coating, silicone rubber for trademark making, silicone rubber for pad printing, foam silicone rubber for fill, silicon for textile products.



        Package of silicone:
        25KG/drum vacuum packing for part A +1kg/ bottle catalyst for part B
        200KG/drum packing for part A +1kg/ bottle catalyst for part B
        20KG/drum vacuum packing for part A + 20KG/drum vacuum packing for part B
        200KG/drum packing for part A +200KG/drum packing for part B



        Shelf life of silicone:
        Twelve(12) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

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