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        • Product Name: RTV-2 silicone rubber
        • Product No.: Hong Ye Jie
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: for mold making, for food products mold making, for electronic potting, for life casting
        • Commodity price: Negotiable
        • Views : 695


        Decripiton of RTV-2 silicone rubber:

        Two parts of RTV-2 silicone rubber: both in liquid form, part A is a flowable liquid, part B is the curing agent or catalyst .


        Application of RTV-2 silicone rubber:

        RTV-2 silicone rubber can be used for mold making or duplicating for industries such as toys, gifts, decoration, plate engrave, human replica, art crafts, resin crafts, poly resin crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, candle crafts, plastic crafts, stationeries, plaster crafts and Buddhist statue crafts.

        And also used for food products mold making, like candy, cake, chocolate.


        RTV-2 silicone rubber for electronic potting, such as: PCB, bonding power cord, power boxes, ultra-thin computers, game consoles, LED light.


        RTV-2 silicone rubber for life casting, such as: hands, feet, mask, artificial limb, prosthesis, penis, sex toy, film and television properties and so on.


        RTV-2 silicone rubber for textile coating and trademark making, such as: stockings, gloves,T-shirt, sportswear and so on.


        RTV-2 silicone rubber for pad printing, mainly applicable to the printing of irregular patterns on plastics toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, artwork gifts, and stationery, etc.


        Condensation cure silicone rubber:

        Additon cure silicone rubber:

        Electronic potting silicone rubber:

        Pad printing silicone rubber:

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