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Molding silicone rubber for sale

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Description of molding silicone rubber for sale There are two kinds of molding silicone rubber, one is addition cure silicone rubber (Platinum cure silicone), other one is condensation cure silicone rubebr, both of them with two parts, part A silicone rubber, part B is curing agent or platinum curing agent. It can cure at room temperature or under heat.   The difference between addition cure silicone and condensation cure silicone. The mixing ratio of A and B is different,condensation cure silicone is normally 100:2~100:5, some from European and USA is 10:1 and addition silicone is normally 1:1, 10:1, 9:1. Addition cure silicone is odorless, environmental friendly, and food grade. So the raw material of addition cure silicone is more expensive than that of condensation cure silicone, so does the price. Addition silicone has a wider range of applications, such as used for food, life casting, tire mold casting and so on. The shrinkage of condensation cure silicone is low, about 0.3%; While addition cure silicone is with lower shrinkage, about 0.1%. Addition cure silicone can be transparent, even high transparent, of course the price is more expensive. However, condensation cure silicone can be white or other colors too, but no transparent. Temperature resistance is different, addition cure silicone is better than condensation cure silicone in this performance.  Condensation cure silicone: 100-150C Addition cure silicone: 150-220C   Application of molding silicone rubber for sale Molding silicone rubber is used for making molds of concrete stone,GRC, gypsum decoration, cultural Stone, plaster ornaments, fiberglass products, polyester decoration, unsaturated resin crafts, polyresin crafts, polyurethane, bronze, wax, tire, candle, candy, chocolate and similar products . PS: Addition silicone rubber is applicable to all the field of condesation silicone, such as mold making of resin ,Polyurethane,fiberglass ,cement , artificial stone ,candle ,soap ,gypsum ,etc .   Characteristics of molding silicone rubber for sale *An exceptional fluidity and good operability, easy to demold *Good tensile and tear strength *Outstanding bubble releasing *Non-deformation *Low shrinkage *Aging resistance ,high temperature resistance (200℃) *Environmentally, food-grade   Package of molding silicone rubber for sale 25KG/drum vacuum packing for part A +1kg/ bottle catalyst for part B 200KG/drum packing for part A +1kg/ bottle catalyst for part B   Shelf life of molding silicone rubber for sale Twelve(12) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

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