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        • Product Name: Condensation cure silicone
        • Product No.: HY-6/2/9 serise
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: Mold making,Electronic Potting,Pad printing
        • Commodity price: Negotiable
        • Views : 204

        Description of condensation cure silicone:
        Condensation cure silicone also call RTV-2 silicone rubber which are two parts. both in liquid form, part A is the white silicone, and part B is the transparent curing agent.


        Application of condensation cure silicone:

        1.Mold making: GRC,GFRC, Concrete, Stone, Resin, Plaster, Gypsum, Soap, Candle, Tire etc.

        2.Electronic Potting: LED light, PCB, PVB, Module,Wind Power Generator, Ballast, etc.

        3.Pad printing: Plastic toys, Craft works, Product printing.


        Feature of mold silicone rubber:
        1.Good characteristics of easy-operation
        2.Good tear and tensile strength
        3.Low shrinkage
        4.High temperature resistance: 100-150C
        5.Durable and can be used hundreds of times
        6.Adjustable Hardness for customers’ requirements


        Feature of electronic potting silicone rubber:
        1.Low viscosity, good leveling
        2.Waterproof and moisture-proof
        3.Excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance


        Feature of pad printing silicone rubber:
        1.Good printing effects
        2.Good quality
        3.Good resilience
        4.And without any impurity.


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        Mold making silicone rubber

        Electronic potting silicone rubber

        Pad printing silicone rubber

        Note: Above technical datasheet of all are not the fixed parameters, and it's adjustable according to customer's requirements.