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silicone rubber foam silicone sponge rubber rtv2 l

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1.Description Silicone rubber for foam is two component silicone, liquid silicone, it consist of part A and B, belongs to platinum cure silicone, which is mostly used by high pressure perfusion machine, the mix ratio of part A and B is 1:1.   2.Application Silicone rubber foam is widely used in automotive, railway, daily necessities, aircraft, chemical, medical machinery, health supplies, sports goods and other industries. Foam silicone rubber is suitable for making sofa, seating in railway carriages, mattresses, shoulder pad, breast forms, silicone foam sheet, silicone foamed sealing strip, silicone foam mat, silicone foam tube and so on, as filler, cushions, insulation, sound insulation, shock-proof materials. Silicone foam is a perfect material to replace PU, polyester, sponge and so on.   3.Advantages: 1.Uniform foaming pore and uniform pore size 2.Foaming multiple from 2 to 10 time, lightweight 3.Stable size, low shrinkage 4.Excellent strength with good quality 5.Can resist high temperature 200℃ - 350℃, and low temperature -65℃ 6.FDA certified, food grade 7.Much more environmental, nontoxic, odorless than sponge and PU. 8.Heat preservation, adjustable transmittance 9.Fire proof, flame retardant, electrical insulation 10.Aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance   4. Paramers   5. Advantages of Hong Ye Silicone 1) 21 years rtv2 silicone factory 2) Exported since 2006 3) Exports to 138 countries 4) 14 years on alibaba.com, 12 years on made-in-china.com, a trustworthy company 5) 12 experts of R&D, QC staffs 6) 6000 square meter factory 7) Free training of silicone technique 8) Free silicone samples 9) Return and exchange are accepted while quality problems occurred

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