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Silicone protect teeth toothpaste-HongYe silicon Date:2013-04-22

Silicone protect teeth toothpaste

Silicone,Silicone rubber,silicon-HongYe silicon       Brushing your teeth can not only maintain oral hygiene in daily life, but also can prevent and cure oral diseases.

      When brushing the teeth must use toothpaste. At first, the role of toothpaste is to clean mouth, this kind of toothpaste called ordinary toothpaste, paste it is mainly composed of friction agent ( such as calcium carbonate ), lubricant ( such as glycerol ), adhesive ( such as carboxymethyl cellulose ), a foaming agent ( such as alcohol twelve calcium sulfate ) etc., besides essential as aromatic agent.

      Since sixty, the role of toothpaste gradually to the cleaning and prevention of dental diseases combined with the direction of development, there appeared a variety of drug toothpaste. Drug toothpaste is the basis of the ordinary toothpaste, adding the different agents and preservatives and stabilizers. Because the drug toothpaste has a clean mouth and teeth efficacy, but also has the role of prevention and treatment of dental diseases, therefore, since its inception, development is very rapid, make the world toothpaste industry research and production appeared to the new stage of drug toothpaste leap development. At present, the United States drug toothpaste has accounted for 70% of the total of the toothpaste, Britain and Germany accounted for 50%, the Soviet Union accounted for 35%, China accounted for about 40%.

         Usually, there are two reasons: one is the dental caries, two is the dentine hypersensitivity. Dental caries is also called the decayed tooth, mainly because of the lactic acid produced by bacterial decomposition of food residue, the tooth tissues subjected to corrosion, damage, serious when the tooth nerve stimuli produce disease. Dentin hypersensitivity is due to tooth wear, erosion, gingival atrophy and other factors, the dentin or cervical zone exposure, these parts by the cold, heat, acid, sweet stimulate aching feeling. For these two reasons of treatment, the types of drug toothpaste can be broadly divided into: dental caries, desensitization analgesia and anti-inflammatory analgesic type, and the caries primarily, the dental caries is a common dental disease.
One of the most simple and easy method for prevention of dental caries is the use of anticaries drug toothpaste. Fluoride is a trace element to form a hard bones and teeth must, in normal human body containing fluorine is 0.01-0.03%, enamel fluoride 0.01-0.02%. The experts pointed out: the occurrence and the caries anticarious ability, while the body anticarious ability and dental hard tissue containing fluorine elements related to how much. Therefore, the addition of fluoride such as sodium fluoride, potassium fluoride in toothpaste, often use this kind of toothpaste can strengthen teeth resistance ability of lactic acid erosion, avoid the occurrence of dental caries.

         In addition to fluoride toothpaste, toothpaste and other anticaries drug chlorhexidine toothpaste, toothpaste with enzyme, quaternary ammonium salt toothpaste. Desensitizing toothpaste is toothpaste, toothpaste containing strontium salts such as aldehyde. Antiphlogistic hemostatic plus Chinese herbal toothpaste. In addition, also appeared the drug toothpaste containing toothpaste box has rust effect of eliminating halitosis chlorophyll toothpaste and other special effects.

         In recent years, the drug toothpaste in the ranks, the emergence of a new drug toothpaste -- protecting toothpaste containing silicon. This kind of toothpaste has anti-caries, hypoallergenic dual function, an important variety of drug toothpaste.

         Silicone dental toothpaste is made by hydroxy methyl silicone oil or aldehyde ethyl silicone oil emulsion in toothpaste paste. In using this toothpaste after brushing a layer, can be firmly attached, retained as silicone film for more than 10 hours in the formation of the tooth surface, this layer of film can prevent bacterial heap. The formation of plaque and tartar on common bacteria in oral cavity, such as Streptococcus, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus inhibitory, killing effect. In this way, the tooth is like wearing the opinions of protective clothing, can effectively resist the external erosion, preventing dental caries ( cavities ), periodontitis ( tooth of wind, fire tooth ) generation. At the same time, the toothpaste on tooth sensitivity and good treatment effect and can eliminate bad breath. Show that the clinical effect of a year of above, silicon containing dental toothpaste caries rate was 74.54%, effective 24.54% than no silicon containing toothpaste caries.

         Silicone oil and silicone oil emulsion used in dental toothpaste, besides must have stable performance, also requires a certain contact angle to ensure that the film forming properties of teeth. At present, China has developed into a silicon containing toothpaste with stable performance of silicone oil and silicone oil emulsion with high contact angle.

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