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silicone glassware used for surface coloring-HongYe silicon Date:2013-04-22

silicone glassware used for surface coloring

silicone glassware used for surface coloring       Method of coloring glass ion colouring and rare earth elements such as coloring method, these methods although the effect is very good, but more expensive, the cost of glassware.

A new method of Shanghai Glass Industrial Company by SAR-II methyl transparent silicone resin into organic pigments, coloring on the glass, the glass appearance, color change, so that some of the original due to color difference and slow-moving products become the best-selling products.

SAR-II methyl transparent silicone resin as polymer materials and inorganic silicon compounds with the same, vitreous body, can be combined with vitrectomy in the unsaturated siloxane bond in the curing process, so the film and the substrate has a strong binding force, to overcome the other resin film after Yi Tuo fell, solves the key problem of surface coloring coating the. In addition, the film itself also has higher strength. This method has the advantages of low cost, with good use value and popularization value.

SAR-II methyl transparent silicone resin film on glass vessel, performance test of coloring film:

1, wear resistance:

Testing instrument: REL wear machine

Load: 300 grams

Results: 500 times not to betray a confidence

2, appearance: transparent and smooth

3, adhesion test: in the sample film portrays 1X1 cm tic-tac-toe grid, used the needle pick off.

4, hardness testing: characterization of sample surface using 6H hard pencil core, without leaving traces.

5, acid and alkali resistance test: according to the acid and alkali resistant pigment standards ( HCl 10%, temperature 27℃, soaked 2 hours; NaOH 10%, room temperature 27 ℃, soak 2 hours ), no reaction layer.

6, water resistance test: sample in water for 24 hours, the film without wrinkling, wear; the sample in boiling water boil for 30 minutes, the film without wrinkling, damage.

7, high temperature blast: samples from the boiling water to ice speed, high temperature blast 95 ℃, coating is not split.

SAR-II methyl transparent silicone resin and anhydrous ethanol, butanol, butyl acetate and other organic solvent in a large range of mixed, can be adjusted in a wide range of viscosity, allowing easy spraying, dipping and coating construction process.

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