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Silicon rubber shield IUD-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Silicon rubber shield IUD

silicone shield IUD,Silicone rubber shield IUD,Silicon shield IUD-HongYe silicone        Placing IUD in the uterus of a female is the main method of birth control, the whole family planning measures of 60-70%. Because the female intrauterine device has many advantages, is a role on the uterus, and the interference on the function of the whole body, convenient use, high efficiency, economical and practical contraceptive tool box measures.

      Intrauterine device for conventional stainless steel materials, shape mostly "O" type, clinical application has been developed very fast, but there are also some disadvantages such as easy to fall off, the fertilization with the device and have some side effects, so people in order to overcome these shortcomings, improve the IUD shape material.

       In recent years, China's medical workers in absorbing foreign Daerkang shield IUD ( Danlkon Shield ) on the basis of merit ( using EVA plastic ), a formula 71, silicon rubber shield IUD development, clinical application of 2363 cases showed that, total success rate was 93.41% in women age as usual, the number is 92.51%, the removal rate due to medical 2.83%, continue to deposit rate is 86.31%. The contraceptive effectiveness, side effects and complications incidence and continuation rate is superior to that of metal IUD, adds a new intrauterine device for the work of family planning in china.

     Silicon rubber shield IUD as a unit of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and Chenguang Chemical Research Institute jointly developed, it is made of 110-1 methyl vinyl silicone rubber as raw material, with silicone oil low molecular treated fumed silica as reinforcing agent, 2,5- two, 2,5- Er Shuding methyl radical peroxidation hexane as crosslinking agent, after mixed ingredients, mixing, molding, two vulcanization process, put it into the uterine cavity, does not favor the nidation environment caused by foreign body reaction, to achieve the purpose of contraception. If pregnant again, can still be pregnant after removing.

All married women of childbearing age, in addition to the reproductive organ inflammation, menorrhagia, genital tumor, cervical have sent or severe laceration, contraindications, can place.

When in use, first wash with soap, and then distilled water 2-3 times, after boiling and pressure, or the concentration of 1/1000 Bromogeramine solution soaking sterilization spare half an hour. Saline wash before use, according to the general routine operation of IUD, the normal operation of shield IUD, will shield IUD is sent to the uterine cavity bottom, the external cervical orifice with the tail wire 2-3 cm, for review.

Observation index: 1, observe the place has no side reaction; 2, contraceptive effect; 3, check whether the shedding or pregnancy with iud.

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