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Characteristics of organic silicone cosmetics-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Characteristics of organic silicone cosmetics

Cosmetics silicone,Cosmetics Silicone rubber,Cosmetics Silicon-HongYe silicone      In 1950, the United States of America " Revlon " ( Revlon ) the company sold the first commodity brand called " Silicare " containing silicone cosmetics in the market, after the development of more than thirty years of research, the current has been applied to cream, cream, honey, emulsion, perfume, shampoo, powder, hair wax, hair cream, hair conditioner, shaving cream, lipstick in addition, sweat agent, hair spray, bath detergent, mascara, eye shadow, nail polish, sunscreen, hair decorations, there are hundreds of varieties and grades.

Application of silicone in cosmetic industry has developed quickly, is because has the excellent properties of silicone cosmetics:

1, good lubricating performance: silicone is a synthetic oil is a kind of non - oily, add a little oil in skin care products, can make the skin care products with excellent lubricating properties, coating the skin after the formation of protective coating with waterproof performance without any sticky and greasy feeling, can make the skin moist exquisite, and can effectively prevent skin weather-shack.

2, resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet irradiation: the coated silicone skin cream and cream of animal skin in the intense sun exposure and contrast test with ultraviolet irradiation, found that grazed silicone skin cream skin moist tender animal remains from any variation; and applying general animal skin cream the sunlight after a certain period of time the skin to become red and clear spots wrinkles.

3, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, non-irritating to the skin, no allergies.

4, good antistatic performance: static testing, based on the coated silicone skin cream skin results show that electrostatic not grazed silicone skin, skin cream for 7000 volts, and the skin of electrostatic brush silicone skin cream completely eliminated. This shows that silicone skin cosmetics has dustproof effect is obvious.

5, in cosmetics add silicone oil on the efficacy of other cosmetics group does not have any adverse effects, on the other hand, help some nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients absorbed by skin.

6, good air permeability: silicone release fragrance effect on the flavor and fragrance, long period.

7, some of the skin has the effect of silicone oil: with good skin compatibility, therefore in medical treatment has been used successfully to treat sweating difficult eczema, neurodermatitis and occupation dermatitis

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