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Medical grade silicone gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


Medical grade silicone gel,Medical grade silicone rubber,Medical grade silicon rubber-HongYe si

Medical grade silicone gel, vulcanization are colorless and transparent liquid. Products are divided into A, B two components packaging. When using A, B two components such as mixing weight, at a certain temperature, can be vulcanized to colorless transparent elastomer. Vulcanization is no side product release. Vulcanized rubber at -60 ~ 200℃temperature range. Vulcanized rubber with good chemical stability, water resistance, resistance to ozone aging resistance. This product by the drug, biological, clinical and other experiments, show that the adhesive has good biocompatibility to human tissue, and no obvious stimulation and toxicity of. Ames fast carcinogenic test negative for long time, implant body, also found no significant histological changes. Medical grade silicone gel has low viscosity, suitable for injection molding. Injection in vivo after 30 minutes, can be vulcanized elastomer. Vulcanized rubber with good elasticity, good adhesion and the surrounding tissue, and has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, low chroma, high transmittance. Allows the operating time is long, can satisfy the row of foam, casting, molding and other requirements.

Medical grade silicone gel application:

Medical grade silicone gel is mainly used for saddle nose orthopaedic and mild atrophic rhinitis treatment. Can also be used for the Department of Ophthalmology, and depressed positions of plastic. Medical grade silicone gel is also applicable to the production of artificial lens, closed type artificial cornea, pressing three prism and light transmittance high requirements of medical products.

Medical grade silicone gel technology index:

Medical grade silicone gel technology indicators are the following, kinematic viscosity, gel time, tensile strength, shore A hardness, transparency, refractive index, water absorption.

Medical grade silicone gel method:

Using 5ml or (10ml ) after disinfection and drying of the syringe, to extract the A component, the " 9 " number needle, and then insert the needle 2ml disinfecting ampoule bottom, slowly into the 1ml A group. Pull the needle out of first drawing back and don't let ampoule mouth touch rubber. The final sealing bottle mouth, printed on the component A mark, can disinfect standby. Take a second syringe by the method of packaging components B. Disinfection can be used when the dry heat sterilization or pressure cooking and general disinfection methods, disinfection temperature must not be higher than 150℃. Simply use the A, B a, mixed evenly, then pumped into the syringe, infusion.

Medical grade silicone gel use matters needing attention:

1 medical grade silicone gel with high purity, the whole operation process (packaging, sterilizing, mixing, etc.) must pay attention to the environment and the use of utensils clean, dry. Especially do not contain nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur compounds and metal organic acid salt exposure. Otherwise, the product is pollution, catalyst poisoning, resulting in rubber vulcanization not completely finished, sticky, even fully vulcanized.

2.A, B mixture of two components, the vulcanization process begins, gradually increasing the viscosity. Therefore, according to the use requirement, with the distribution with the use of. If the glue material high temperature, curing speed is too fast, can reduce the mixed after the resin temperature, to slow down the curing rate, extend the operation time.

3 - fully cured, namely become fused insoluble elastomer, hard from vessels in addition to the net, therefore, ingredients and utensils in rubber vulcanization, using alcohol or ethanol and other organic solvents to clean.

4 products are non-dangerous goods, to seal and store in a cool dry place away from light, stored for a period of two years.

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