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Environmental protection type medical silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


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With the development of society, used in medical and health fields more and more types of rubber products. The ideal medical rubber products not only have good physical properties, but also to have the following properties: no absorption of drugs active ingredients, rubber in taking the chemical composition can make the drug quality change; there should be no pollution exudate or volatiles produced, to be able to withstand steam, ethylene oxide and radiation sterilization; thereby avoiding harmful substances to leak into the liquid, avoid liquid precipitate particles, exceed the standard, pH change, agents discoloration phenomenon.

Environmental protection type medical silicone rubber products radiation vulcanization is a way to improve medical silicone rubber products safety, pollution-free environment-friendly medical silicone rubber vulcanization process, the rubber material, reactive environmental protection of crosslinking agents, fillers, additives in accordance with the provisions of the weight ratio of mixture in the mixing equipment for mixing and the initial formation of uncrosslinked rubber material; in the non-crosslinked profile of one or more radiation vulcanization treatment after the formation of medical rubber products. This method has the advantages of good safety, chemical stability, air tightness and high cleanness; no irritation, volatile, allergic remnants precipitation; radiation vulcanization time reduction, energy saving; to accept fast radiation disinfection solution; resistant to ozone, resistant to cracking, good heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

Environmental protection type medical rubber products include a variety of medicinal rubber stopper, the piston of the syringe, a transfusion bag, liquid bag, hose, tube, seals, valves, baby pacifiers, an infusion rubber pipe, a one-time use of tourniquet, medical rubber enema, rubber tube, oxygen tube.

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