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Silicone gel adhesive Date:2013-04-22


Silicone gel adhesive,Silicone rubber adhesive,Silicon gel adhesive,Silicon rubber adhesive-Hon     Silicone gel adhesive, silicone gel is added in the tackifier, thereby improving the adhesion to base recovery. It not only has good electrical insulating properties, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, moisture resistance; but also has high purity, less harmful impurities, moderate viscosity, convenient use, no corrosion to the substrate, bonding properties etc.. And no low molecular weight compounds released during vulcanization, vulcanized rubber with a certain intensity and elasticity. It is an ideal electronic device coated, impregnated, potting materials, is also a kind of transparent high and low temperature resistant elastic adhesive.

    Silicone gel adhesive, but also A, B two components packaging, when in use, the A, B constituent weight evenly mixed, under vacuum to remove air bubbles, can be carried out using the operation.

    Silicone gel adhesive main parameters are: 25℃, viscosity, tensile strength, hardness, tensile elongation transparent, dielectric coefficient, volume resistivity, breakdown strength, shear strength of aluminum

Silicone gel adhesive curing properties:

Silicone gel adhesive belongs to the medium temperature curing type, at 25 ℃allowed operating time more than 5 hours, but the self-love of 70~ 80 ℃, 2 ~ 4 hours, can be cured completely, the operation is very convenient. Silicone gel adhesive curing rate is sensitive to the temperature, as the temperature increases dramatically speed up. But should not be started under very high temperature vulcanization, lest the cooling shrinkage of the substrate due to greater pressure.

Silicone gel adhesive application:

Silicone gel adhesive used in electronic industry, widely used as a coating and potting material for electronic components and assemblies, dust-proof, moisture-proof, shockproof and plays the role of insulation protection. Because of its high purity, convenient usage, and a certain degree of flexibility, and is an ideal transistor and integrated circuit internal coating material, can improve the yield and reliability of semiconductor device. It can also be used as optical instruments such as elastic adhesive.

Points for attention in use:

1 with silicone gel adhesive contact of various utensils, device, a substrate to be cleaned. Rubber compound containing nitrogen, phosphorus and avoid, sulfur compounds and organic acid metal salt contact, so as to catalyst poisoning caused by rubber vulcanization.

2 if the need to reduce the material viscosity, supporting the purchase of silicon gel thinner, with a desired viscosity.

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