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Toys silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Many different types of silica gel can be divided into forming Silastic liquid silicone (such as silicone liquid mold silicone rubber) and solid (most of the compound are solid form); according to the curing mechanism can be divided into plus and condensation Silastic; can be divided into one-component silicone rubber and two-component silicone rubber can be divided according to the curing agent added.
These are just the major categories on the distinction, in fact subdivided down the type of number is not clear, say toy silicone use to distinguish between the silica gel, silica gel is mainly used for toy production.
The silica gel used in toy production is divided into several categories:
The first category, as a hand model. As the definition of palm, many people do not understand, here is designed to mold and sculpture. Generally a product structure design need to carving the master sculpture, it is easy to visual assessment of the value of products and rational design. Will normally be the master carving out a model to copy several out ready for use, for example, gave a different department or agency audit assessment. Copied from the sculptures out of the first model hand model. So, is the silicone to use as a hand model in the toy manufacturing industry it is easy to understand. Designer toys using silica as the initial model material.
The second category, as a mold. Is most easily understood as a mold, when the decision to mass-produced toys products or toy components, we need to use mold turning model, this time you can use a silicone mold.
The third category, pattern printing. The silicone used here have a special name called pad printing silicone. Pad printing silicone rubber head logo printed on the steel mold to the toy surface. The toys are generally flat, only the structure is fine, good rebound performance materials to meet the requirements, this time printing silicone just come in handy.
The fourth category, trademarks as a toy. Called signs silicone as a trademark of silicone toys, easier to embossing, often is a trademark sign Clothing.
The fifth category, the most important class, that is, as a framework material of the toy. Divided into two types, a solid rubber pressure molding with mold. Injected silicone liquid injection molding injection machine, this situation have a better business prospects in the commercial.
Of course, toys silicone for other purposes, we just mentioned above the most important five or more silicone information please refer to the leaves silicone.

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