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High conductive rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


High conductive silicone,High conductive Silicone rubber,High conductive Silicon-HongYe silicone

         Now with the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of electronic equipment widely used, the electromagnetic wave to the electronic equipment and human body health effects emerged, therefore the electromagnetic wave shielding device is more widely used in various electronic equipment, electromagnetic wave stability and accuracy requirements are also getting higher and higher, especially for high precision, the military aerospace electronic equipment shielding requirements more stringent, perfect, it needs to provide good soft electromagnetic shielding materials, such as conductive rubber, in order to meet the technical requirements of electromagnetic shielding, currently using conductive rubber material the effects of higher resistivity, electromagnetic shielding effect.


       A highly conductive rubber, which is characterized in that the high conductive rubber composition and ingredients weight ratio : two-component silicone 100 weight portions, conductive material from 200 to 600 by weight; two component silicone containing platinum compound catalyst and a silane compound crosslinking agent, silica gel, the conductive material is plated glass powder 200~350 weight portions, or silver coated nickel powder from 300 to 500 parts by weight of silver coated copper powder, or from 350 to 600 weight portions, or silver-coated aluminum powder from 250 to 450 parts by weight of silver, or 250 to 450 parts by weight; the manufacturing process is: ( 1) mixing ingredients, (2 ), ( 3 ) forming, the molding die provided with electric heating device, the temperature control in 100 ~ 250 ℃, ( 4) testing, performance testing requirements: volume resistivity≤ 0.01 Ω.Cm, the elongation at break of ≥ 70%, ( 5 ) the finished product; the high electrical resistivity of conductive rubber small, high conductivity, good shielding effect, enhance the softness, the elongation at break is high, may need to be adjusted according to the length, convenient use, practicality.


         A highly conductive rubber, its features are: the high conductive rubber composition and ingredients in weight ratio: 200 to 600 weight portions of conductive material; two component silicone 100 weight portions; the two-component silicone is a component containing platinum compound catalyst, another component contains silane crosslinking agent for silicon rubber.High conductive rubber adopts bicomponent silicone, the two-component silicone containing platinum compound catalyst and a silane compound crosslinking agent silica gel; the molding process using extruders by special molding extrusion molding, the molding die is provided with a heating device, the temperature control in 100~250, problems in heat treatment 100-200, which has low resistivity, high conductivity, good shielding effect effect, so as to solve and to have good softness, convenient use, good electromagnetic shielding effect several convenient manufacture.

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