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Tags of silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


Silicone,Silicone rubber,silicon-HongYe silicone        Tags silicone rubber is a silicone rubber is used for making seamless silicon rubber label method, detailed said that, to make production label becomes easy, and the various patterns with spatial representation, colleagues when stuck in clothing fabrics, there won't be hard not comfort. Usually in a variety of clothing categories are sewn on said its product trademarks, and drawings, product size, washing method and label. Previously, this tag is used as a method of making the fabric. The label has stereo feeling, because the label was hard and rough, so wear can be very uncomfortable.

       Use of a silicone rubber for making seamless silicon resin tag method, including the use of mold to form the label design steps; the desired pigment with silicon gum mixing steps; the mixture is injected in the mold silicone gum label on the drawing step; the die surfaces clean, die attached to the label raw Satin later, to heat and pressure to form the label design steps; will be attached to the label raw Satin mold upside down, then attached adhesive paper, by pressurizing device to adhesive paper in the label raw Satin back step; the label raw satin and detached from the mold, and forming the label cutting down the steps.

      Tags are replaced with silicone rubber wire weave label method, with soft to. The clothes very bonding material silicon rubber production label, so can be easily produced, and with various patterns of spatial representation. But, due to label the main material is a flexible silicone rubber, silicone rubber itself with the softness, so, i.e. labels attached self clothing is not stiff discomfort. Due to replace the previous sewing method for press, heat bonding to clothing pressure label, therefore, can greatly shorten the label pressing time, improve the production of clothing.

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