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Condensation-type silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

        The Silastic commodity form is divided into mixing silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber two categories. Usually referred to as heat vulcanized silicone rubber, is a linear high degree of polymerization of polyorganosiloxane with reinforcing fillers, reinforcing fillers and give various properties of a variety of performance additives formulated into the base material. When used with the curing press and cured into a finished product. General organic rubber plasticized by the roller, with the process of vulcanizing machine, tabletting operations, so called compound.       

       The liquid silicone rubber and the rubber is a medium degree of polymerization of linear medium degree of polymerization of polysiloxane-based polymer with the filler, a variety of additives and additive preparation with self-leveling or thixotropic binder in the atmosphere or heat curing, according to the varieties and use extrusion, injection molding, coating, forming the elastomer.       

      The foundation of the liquid silicone rubber crosslinked curing mechanism can be divided into condensation and forming the two systems. Condensation silicone is moisture curing at room temperature, so its temperature and humidity of the air there will be a lot of requirements. Condensation silicone with the curing of the moisture in the air outside to the inside, do not fully reflect the curing process used by many customers around the curing but center is still soft, it has not solidified. Imagine such a reason is not enough moisture it needs, resulting in curing. Condensation type silicone curing finger touch surface stickiness disappears known as the dry time, generally one-component silicone rubber sheet drying time is; (25 degrees, 50% RH), the crosslinker is dry is not the same. Off the alcohol type 5 ~ 30min; decopperization oxime type 10 ~ 60min; off acetic acid type 5 ~ 15min; off the acetone type 1 ~ 10min.       

     A condensation-type one-component silicone condensation-type silicone did not cover specific applications listed below: Building sealant (curtain wall components seams, glass surrounding them) building elastomer coating (rust-proof, waterproof, thermal insulation); Automotive amorphous sealant, lights and lighting devices, the seal; Insulators with the anti-fouling paints; fixed moisture-proof coating on the substrate; the original and the substrate bonding; The end of the wire heater insulated parts of the seal; Sealing and plugging of chemical plant, refinery, pipe and fittings; Tank seals, conveyor belts and other surface anti-sticking from the type of treatment;       

     Household adhesive (tub, glass, automotive Buxiu);        The use of contact materials, bonding or sealed state, the conditions require, and curing conditions require selection of a suitable condensation silicone.

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