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Deformation silicone condensation-type two-component RTV silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

      Deformation is not well understood, usually you in the supermarket to buy fruit, you certainly will not buy that compressional deformation of the fruit during transport, so that the original appearance or shape change by external forces pressing. We are saying is not deformation silicone. Understand the silicone friends all know that silicone good variety of points, its nature and purpose are countless. Silicone, silicone rubber will be related to deformation. Is the shrinkage deformation can be said.    
     The most representative to take abrasive silicone, silicone mold is mainly the production of a wide range of silicone molds, with the copy function. Since it is a replication of the product which just the size of the product, its complex structure have a great relationship, small pieces of the product they should choose the smaller hardness of the silicone to make a good mold release, if it is bulky products will not be able to choose smaller hardness of the silicone do not operate, and the shrinkage is too soft, since it is the structure of large complex which is necessary to choose a moderate hardness. In conclusion is the need to choose a suitable silicone. No deformation of the silica gel is specially developed for the shrinkage silicone types. This does not distort the silicone has a very good operating performance. Mobility, viscosity, low capacity, high temperature, turning model number, acid and alkali. Anti-aging the most important thing shrinkage is very small can reach a fraction made out of silicone mold can not be deformed.    
     The condensation of two-component RTV silicone rubber by a, w-dihydroxy polydimethylsiloxane (viscosity 3000 100000mPa .. s) and fillers and other features additives dubbed the base material by cross-linking agent, catalyst and Other additives dubbed the curing agent, respectively, packaging, mixed in proportion to use a silicone material. Formulation design, the base material can be configured to a different consistency (fluidity, thixotropy), different modulus after vulcanization, the modulus is divided into: high, medium and low. And a variety of special properties (from the adhesive, foam, flame retardant), species. Crosslinking system dealcoholized dehydrogenation-type and off the hydroxylamine type three. Dealcoholized a major role in the soft mold material, perfusion materials and high modulus building sealants; dehydrogenation-type silicone rubber foam, can be used as a shock, cushioning materials, surface material of the print head, through the hole filling material; off hydroxylamine type is mainly used as a modulus building sealant.   
      The above-mentioned condensation of two-component RTV silicone rubber, various special properties (from the adhesive, foam, flame retardant), the use of the condensation of two-component RTV silicone rubber is very widely . Main gap potting electronic components (potting, waterproof, shock-proof, flame retardant, insulation), etc., also used in various machinery and equipment. Condensation of two-component RTV silicone rubber coating, can be used for cloth, tools, pipe coating, the coated fabric with a waterproof, fire protection, insulation, thermal insulation for pipe insulation, subway pipe, underground pipe protection and fire prevention. For ponchos can be military, civilian.   
     Condensation of two-component RTV silicone rubber is very simple to use, can refer to the use of silicone mold of the leaves cards there to explain the very comprehensive, very detailed. Mentioned a word in this chapter, I explain the "modulus" refers to the elongation elastomer physics experiments, the specimen unit starting on the cross sectional area of ​​the force required said tensile strength. Ye Jie Chinese mobile phon

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