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Perfusion mode and two-component curing silicone rubber curing agent ratio-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

     What perfusion mold? The perfusion module is a generic term for the moldmaking industry. Lift the perfusion mode, the first thing to say about mold manufacturing. Mold making through the use of certain materials known appearance of things copied out in order to facilitate a process of replication of the original product. We usually refer to the mold making is divided into the perfusion mode and brush the mold in two ways. We are Silastic perfusion mode, for example to introduce the perfusion mode operation and field of application.
     Perfusion mode of operation:
And all the mold production process, you first need of things that require molding processing. This process includes cleaning, polishing, polishing, drying process, the purpose is to make the molding surface of things clean, smooth, perfect, thus ensuring the quality of the back of production molds.
    Recognizing the need to mold things have been perfect and smooth, the first of the items fixed. Generally speaking, fixed in a particular wood, rubber, can be a special case, the plate will be certain requirements. Fixed mainly by industry, such as plastic. To produce according to the size of the molding things fixed after a mode slot, if it is a simple little hand workshop just use sheet molding products enclosed can be.
The next step is the deployment of silica gel. The silicone deployment There are several aspects to note: first, in accordance with the use of silica gel shows the mixing ratio of silicone and catalyst. Silicone and catalyst of said important and accurate mixing of silicone and catalyst should be uniform. Second, make sure the silicone and catalyst Stir in general the need for silicone mixture once a vacuum treatment to prevent residual air bubbles in the silicone mixture. Of course, if the conditions were not without vacuum operation, when the staff has a strong experience in experience.
     Just to pour the silicone mold slot waiting for natural curing can be ready for silicone materials. Silicone natural curing time according to the product description to understand. General curing time between 2-5 hours. Also need to produce many products using silicone production mold an outer mold to ensure that no deformation of the mold. The outer mold making materials in general for plaster or fiberglass.
     First of all, we need to understand what is the two-component vulcanized silicone rubber. The two-component vulcanized silicone rubber is a common vulcanizing silicone rubber, raw rubber is usually the hydroxy-terminated ydimethylsiloxane. The production of silicon rubber products rubber and catalyst two parts, the use of the time just to rubber and catalyst packing evenly mixed. We say today is the ratio of the catalyst.
    General manufacturers of silicone product that tells you the use of the ratio of the catalyst is. When in use, we must be in accordance with the instructions to operate the time of weighing must be accurate. Try to avoid using the count is not accurate measuring tools, not in accordance with the "estimate" to use the catalyst.
    If the ratio of the catalyst is not accurate in general there will be a few questions: First, the operating time and cure time are affected, such as the amount of the catalyst by adding too much will cause a large number of operating time shortened, the impact to the operating construction, but also on product quality impact. The number of catalyst is too small, will cause slow curing, delay time, or even curing a direct result of a waste of product. Will cause uneven curing of the phenomenon.
    Silastic also need to consider the impact of environmental factors on the ratio of curing agent, such as with a Silastic need to consider the different temperature conditions of winter and summer. Silicone leaves, for example, generally written instructions on the ratio is at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, humidity test of 65 degrees. Simply put, such as 25 degrees when the catalyst ratio requirement is 2-3%, then the temperature about 10 degrees when the curing agent ratio needs to rise to 5%, when only 1% if the ambient temperature of 38-45 degrees around the catalyst. If the ambient temperature reaches 5 degrees below zero when the curing agent and the rubber has not responded, and if they need to continue to react to rely on external heating can. Humidity can also affect the ratio of the curing agent, but due to the smaller effect, only requires a very ophisticated place will be taken into account.

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