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Hand gel and Trademark glue-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

        Trademarks of plastic called the signs silicone own material is silicone, will normally be called the synthesis of silicon rubber, silicone rubber. The Silastic most important feature is more suitable to use as a sign of the product. As Silastic a trademark plastic with the Silastic most common gender, such as environmental protection, acid corrosion, harmful to humans, easy to operate. Trademark plastic and other types of silicone rubber, the silicone rubber is easy to made into a sheet of elastic colloidal pressing of the different pictures, text, patterns, and can be a long time to maintain the pattern, the shape of text.          

        Trademark rubber is very common, most common in the apparel industry, is generally more expensive clothes above will have a hard elastic silicone film trademark, on the one hand, you can ensure that the trademark quality of the image of the beautiful, on the other hand in the suppression of the trademark can not damage the quality of the clothes. General pants behind trademarks are trademarks plastic to make. Trademarks of glue from the continual development and progress is now, the first trademark plastic signs by artificial paste or sewn on clothing above. This time the trademark rubber only need to consider the difficulty of the colloid produced trademark on it, do not need to consider their own sticky. As society advances, artificial slowly by the machine replaced, this time we need to trademark rubber not only able to produce a generous and beautiful logo, but also can have to the commodity above the viscous characteristics. Silicone leaves a manufacturer specializing in the production of silicone rubber, the main products are all kinds of liquid silicone rubber, with years of industry experience in the trademark rubber, can be specified according to customer needs to meet the production needs of different product applications, the greatest degree of continuing to create value.         

      Palm gum is a silicone rubber used for the hand modeling. Palm glue usually a liquid, which can be one component also is a two-component. General Hand glue for the two-component RTV silicone rubber, most of the condensation type, minority and molding. The use of the two groups (colloids and curing agent) mixed in proportion, until the curing is complete becomes elastic solids.        

      Palm glue is not only used as a hand model can also be used as a plastic mold. Product design in order to meet the use of the Hand class, used as a plastic mold, turn mold the number will be relatively small, usually only a few. But palm plastic production process is relatively simple, the market price is much lower than the silicone mold.           What is a palm? Palm is a turning model of the design product model. General things, such as a part or a toy, when he was out only some of the drawings and the concept of parameter. At this time we need to carving out a physical model, but are often involved in the assessment model is not just a department, often requires several physical material model involved in the assessment. This time please master carving out several models, then costs will be much higher, and often does not allow time. At this time we need to be carved out of a physical model reproduced several new models, and a few model reproduced called palm. Sometimes also called the head board. By the description of the rival board, we can easily find, prototype does not need much, and therefore to measure the main parameters of the palm rubber is not a number of turning model. The first physical model is more precious, palm glue must not damage the mother mold and the model reproduced accurately and delicate.           

      Palm plastic variety is called, will normally be called palm silicone rubber, palm silicone, silicone palm, palm silicone mold, prototype, plastic mold, prototype mold silicone, prototype mold silicone rubber, prototype model glue, hand model Silastic hand model silicone, hand model silica gel. . . And so on. Ye Jie mobile phone website: Ye Jie Chinese official website:

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