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Waterproof silicone with added liquid silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

     Is a two-component polymer molecular modified polymer waterproofing system. There are unique, very active polymers powder and modified epoxy resin emulsion, synthetic alcohol rubber, synthetic stupid thin grease composition of the emulsion blends. Jiaru Ji materials and the amount of chemical additives and fillers to a variety of polymer waterproof raw material processing procedures. Application of waterproof silicone      
      Mainly used in the silicone strap, silicone seals, lunch boxes, seals, crisper silicone seals, silicone waterproof ring, LED display, waterproof seals, pet silica gel with pet silicone Waterproof silicone is mainly used to need waterproof, sealed occasions, such as supporting the use of the water pipes, pipelines, showers and other electronic appliances, a role silicone materials are environmentally friendly materials, basically no smell, the other one uses silicone waterproof ring more hardy than common materials, and materials (minus 60 degrees, and high temperature (high temperature of 200 degrees, special glue up to 400-500 degrees), these are the silicone materials generally have properties Feature   
1, heat, cold features   
2, weather resistance: a superior resistance to UV, ozone, moisture, salt spray, mildew and other characteristics   
3, the earthquake resistance: flexibility and function to absorb vibration and shock-shock, the protection of electrical and electronic components, glass and other brittle materials.    4, stable chemical properties: exceptional resistance to chemicals and oil properties; non-corrosive metal.   
5, the operating process is simple: without mixing, deaeration job, just out of the tube container.   
6, excellent electrical properties: insulating seal material, the best electrical and electronic products can retain stable even for humidity and humidity often change places.     
The liquid silicone rubber impression materials, due to very high dimensional accuracy, oral safety has become the mainstream of dental restorations take shape materials, has to do in the surgery chair near the automated metering, mixing the extent. Molding of liquid silicone rubber impression materials discussed above with liquid silicone rubber in the performance of the following major differences: Faster curing speed in the oral environment:      
A hydrophilic surface, affinity contact with the tartar on the oral soft tissue or hard tissue;      
Mixed rubber putty is not lost, there is thixotropic: Remove from the mouth, should be lighter off force, the teeth of many activities does not have an impact;      
(3) an impression of the sulfide, 24H inside shrinkage less than 0.1% deformation small, flexible, precision take-type.     
Dental impression material catalyst configuration:     
Plus liquid silicone rubber impression material at room temperature fast curing is very important, the ordinary selection of high catalytic activity of platinum-1 ,3 - divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane complex as a catalyst. This catalyst is long-term storage at room temperature decreased, and other additives mixed vulnerable to the influence of impurity poisoning of the catalyst. Carl Manchester platinum catalyst is usually prepared by adding the right amount of high vinyl content of the polysiloxane for the stabilization of the ingredients can be the catalyst for the storage stability of the system.This high vinyl content of the polysiloxane with the amount of Pt1mol vinyl 5 to 10mol Carl Manchester platinum catalyst mixture by 50 degrees to 80 degrees heat 5 ~ 24h can be formulated into stored at room temperaturestability of dental impression material catalyst. 

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