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How to Choose the appropriate silicone mold?-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

1 silicone mold do not look at their model: silicone mold in different ways on the market today, because there has been no mandatory national standards, so it does not the same type of standard, basically, is that each factory has its own number, so that dealers will be self- Code models, so we buy silicone mold do not look at their models, but should look at its use.
Buy silicone mold based on their own to do the type of products produced: In fact, the use of the silicone mold is extensive, a variety of products you want to use different varieties, generally speaking, until today, the silicone mold can be used in following products, artificial cultural stone, marble handicrafts, the European component, simulation plants and animals sculptures, resin crafts, glass, steel pots, general relief carvings crafts, copper relief handicrafts, cement products, gypsum products, plaster, resin waist, sandstone handicrafts , candle crafts, glass, resin crafts, antique furniture, man-made statue, PU foam resin decorations, and crafts to copy, epoxy resin crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, ceramic crafts, European-style bed screen, picture frames, imitation mahogany carving heritage copy, precision casting, jewelery, shoes mold products, food, cake, chocolate crafts mold, low melting point alloy crafts casting. In general, depending on the flood size, material selection of different silicone mold.
Piecemeal, the same kind of medicine can not cure all diseases, cold cold medicine, specifically plastic only "we should be adhering to this principle, the best selection of relatively strong professional manufacturer buy silicone mold, such manufacturers in product line relatively simple, professional, products classification in detail, because a variety of different products require different ingredients and proportion, the other after-sales service is also more professional, security, and this is the general agents and dealers can not do.
How to distinguish whether it is the real manufacturer?
General agents or products are very large, which is the difference whether it is the key of the real manufacturer, unless a very large group of companies product line can never be all-inclusive, everything, if consequently have The words on the basic can be sure the agents and dealers rather than the real manufacturer. The market today for making molds silicone room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, the name suggests, the temperature of the curing process and speed with the surrounding environment is no significant relationship is generally appropriate to 25 ° C Celsius temperature should be appropriate to abate the amount of hardener the contrary, the low temperature will have to appropriately increase the amount of hardener. Must not blindly hurry hurry and progress to increase the use of hardener.

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