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Why vacuum-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

This topic is getting bigger, and ye see why pumping vacuum words of people scratching their heads. Of course, this article will appear in the mold-related forum, but also about the forum or with silicone. Why the vacuum? Because silica gel mixed with some gas in the process of stirring, vacuum is to place silicone bubbles, Mian they affect the quality of the silicone mold.
Are two-component commonly used silicone mold vulcanized silicone rubber, of course, divided into low, normal and high temperature of several, no matter what kind of operation use basically the same. Let me talk about the "two-component" is the word, the so-called two-component, by definition separate fitted into two parts. Bicomponent curing silicone rubber in the system often are divided into two parts, the part of the colloid, the color is mostly milky white; part of curing, curing set mainly vulcanizing agent and a few other added material.
Two-component vulcanized silicone rubber use a certain proportion of mixed colloids and catalysts, also known as curing agent. Both will be mixed in the mixing process of air bubbles into the mixture if you do not vacuum processing discharge of these bubbles, silicone curing bubbles will remain among the silicone mold. Residual bubbles in the silicone mold will definitely affect the structure of the material, resulting in the decline of the physical properties of the silicone mold, which affects the life of the silicone products. If there are air bubbles trapped in the holes in the surface of the mold, but also affect the appearance of the mold surface when turning model will affect the quality of the product. Such as mold and adhesion, and the product surface roughness.
The vacuum treatment is generally divided into the vacuum processing and mold in the mold before the vacuum treatment. The so-called mode vacuum is good modulation silicone brush (perfusion) mode operation on the silicone vacuum. It is not only easy to implement for silica gel vacuum, vacuum appliances (generally vacuum machine) is relatively low. Of course, die before the effect of vacuum treatment is generally not very good, silicone molding process may be mixed with air bubbles, so is not recommended in a number of relatively high demand areas.
Vacuum processing mode refers to silicone for mold making, vacuum processing, such as perfusion mode operation, when the silica gel has been poured into the mold groove. Such operations are better able to guarantee the quality of the mold, the mold after the vacuum treatment is the product of the molding and molding in silicone vacuum, basically drained all the air bubbles. Mode after the vacuum requirements of the equipment and small items better, said the large pieces of molding relatively large capacity vacuum machine. Therefore, rather than the special requirements of the vacuum processing are fingerprinted vacuum.
Vacuum treatment is to give a discharge before the bubbles in the silicone mold into a mold in the molding process is very important, but not required. Operating experience is very rich in master even without vacuum treatment can make a qualified mold.

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