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Plastic toys pattern printing resolution printing silicone rubber head-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

We intend to do a simple introduction to printing pattern in the plastic toy industry, today we carry out a related analysis of printing silicone rubber head. We first introduce the concept of printing.
Printing, is one of the special printing. On irregular heterosexual object surface, it can print text, graphics and images, is now become an important specialty printing. For example, the surface of the phone's text and graphics is printed on the surface of this printing, computer keyboards, instruments, meters and other electronic products, through the printing to complete. Most of our plastic toys surface is not flat rule, we usually use the method of printing patterns and Label Printing up.
The printing process is very simple, steel (or copper, thermoformed plastic) gravure surface printing head using silicone rubber material on the gravure ink dip to the printing surface of the head, and then to the desired object surface pressure about will be able to print text, graphics, etc.. Today we have for printing an important component - silicone rubber head to do some analysis shows that:
Pad printing silicone rubber head as a pattern vector in the printing process, the quality of the silicone materials have strict requirements, choose a suitable silicone material is made to meet the needs of the plastic head. Printing process in order to improve the print quality of the plastic head, usually to consider the following:
First, we analyze the hardness. The amount of silicone oil added in the Indian printing silicone material and production process of the colloid itself. Because each colloidal material is not easy to change, we do an analysis of the silicone oil added. Under normal circumstances, if our printing area is relatively large, need to first plastic softer, we add some more silicone oil; If the pattern is fine, even though the small size soft plastic head. If the hardness of the plastic head is greater than the need may not oiling the printing process, the printed pattern is not clear. Printing plastic head is too soft, it will seriously affect the number of the printing, the first plastic is not durable and will increase the cost of printing, we do not want to see. We usually use plastic printing head in the 15-25 hardness, of course, the specific circumstances according to the actual operation.
The use of pad printing silicone, the silicone oil plays a crucial role. The silicone oil can wash the release of silica gel viscosity and change the hardness of the silicone, but excessive use will destroy the molecular weight of the silica gel, plastic head is not durable, easy to aging, resulting in the rise of production costs.
The use of any materials must consider their own physical properties, printing plastic head when in use is no exception. Consider the resilience of the silicone rubber head and other factors, in the course must be based on the size of the printing pattern to select the appropriate size of the silicone rubber head. Used a large plastic head printing small patterns will result in waste of resources, small plastic head printing pattern of serious damage to the internal structure of the plastic head, resulting in decreased resilience, thus affecting the frequency of use of the plastic head. In general, printing silicone rubber the size of the head and the printing pattern is more appropriate when the ratio of 3:1. The actual operation needs to be treated separately depending on the circumstances.
If printing products, improper surface treatment will also affect the quality of printing. A simple example: in the production process of plastic toys, good mold release, the injection molding machine to the surface of the steel mold spraying mold release agents, surface release agent residues produce toys, thus affecting to the quality of the printing printing. Of course there will be many similar situations, we only need to do simple processing on the product surface can be resolved.
The printing quality also needs to be the quality of the printing machine, printing ink quality and other aspects of factors, in future we will do the analysis.

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