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To distinguish true and false silicone oil-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Silicone oil is a liquid material, wide range of industrial uses. A lot of unscrupulous companies seek any improper benefit by fraud and unnecessary losses to consumers. The poor quality of the silicone oil ranging from industrial production, lower product quality, weight will bring some security risk, a threat to people's property, life safety. Thus, learn to distinguish between the merits of silicone oil, able to distinguish between the true price of silicone oil for many people, especially the silicone rubber industry people is not only important but necessary.
Many, the most direct and accurate method to distinguish between silicone oil of true and false analysis of the composition and structure of the product by chemical experiments. But usually when we simply do not have to do chemical analysis of the conditions, but most people do not have to do chemical analysis of the actual professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, we only introduce some commonly used methods to identify easy to implement.
The simplest, most easy to implement methods of sensory analysis. What we call the "look". Usually silicone oil is a transparent oily liquid, colorless and tasteless. Example, the most common 201 methyl silicone products are colorless, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. "But there are also some of the silicone oil is pale yellow or other colors, such as part of the phenyl methyl silicone oil. The pure quality of the silicone oil should be invisible and odorless, there is the poor quality of silicone oil are added to some of the white mineral oil, petroleum chemical materials, and thus usually liquid gloss is relatively poor, there will be unique odor of oil and chemical materials.
Silicone oil by the usual poor quality of vision, the sense of smell can tell the difference, and sometimes in order to strengthen our judgment can also use the hand easy to implement means to do some small experiments. We all know that silicone oil has a high flash point, low freezing point, good thermal stability, resistance to high temperature and other characteristics commonly used method is to test the ignition of the silicone oil and the freezing point. General we see the flame, such as lighter flame burning flame paper, matches burning flames are generally about 200 degrees. Ignition of the silicone oil is generally about 300 degrees, accurate to say that the ignition point of 201 methyl silicone oil can reach 320 degrees. We just need to use tools, such as the glass rod, iron bars, dip a small amount of silicone oil to the fire burning, essentially pure silicone oil is not burning. Lit of course, need to control time, if the burning time is too often the temperature is too high, pure silicone oil is ignited. Fake silicone oil are generally added petrochemical products, petroleum laborers product is burning low, and requires only a single match can ignite.
If the hand refrigeration tools, we usually use the refrigerator, and cabinets can be. 100G or so is enough to take part of silicone oil into the cooling in the refrigerator 2 hours, the temperature of -5 to 10 degrees. If it is a pure silicone oil, and after two hours will still be clear and transparent; if it is fake and poor quality of the silicone oil out of the refrigerator to the phenomenon appears cloudy or even ice. The freezing point of the silicone oil can reach -70 degrees, generally -50 degrees will not be any adverse reactions.
There are a lot of intuitive and simple to identify to wait for everyone to discover and share.

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