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It turns out that you are like this G.E.M!

Writer:adminSource: Date:2018-07-21

It turns out that you are like this G.E.M!
If still like a wax figure, moving if G.E.M
It was posted on Weibo recently,G.E.M attends Madame Tussauds
Hong Kong,When G.E.M. showed up at madame tussauds wax museum in Hong Kong, She took a photo with her wax figure and played a prank.She pretended to be a wax while fans and "wax" photo shoots, suddenly shout loudly, turned to say "hello", still close to ask "have a meal?", let fans scare barks and jumps, when fans found out that she is "reality version of" G.E.M, have fun with her. Such lovely and lively purple tang qi really let the net friend cannot help liking it.

It is believed that many netizens are familiar with madame tussauds wax museum, because madame tussauds wax museum is one of the world's most high-level wax museum, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places in China have branches.Madame Tussauds is known around the world for celebrity wax figures.Many tourists will specially go there to photograph with their idols.And many wax figures can be confused. It is said that when Fan Bingbing opened his wax figure, he said, “It feels a bit scary, because it is too much like that.” Then she sent her photo with her wax statue to her mother. I didn’t expect Fan’s mother to be completely confused. Which is her real person.

In our daily life, we often see the simulators, but they don't have such realistic effects. How can we make the effect as realistic as the wax museum? - the answer is ---- silicone rubber.

Silicone rubber also known as selenium-selenide, selene-likang, mostly white, translucent, or transparent color. It is an environment-friendly, non-toxic and harmless liquid material, resistant to high and low temperature, with stable chemical properties.
Silicone rubber is everywhere in our life. We have heard of silicone breast pads for women's underwear, silicone powder pads, silicone shoe MATS.However, the most widely used silicone rubber is molds, which can be made into molds to copy various exquisite works of art.And the copied art is very beautiful, the details are very clear and exquisite patterns.So it's great to use silicone rubber to simulate people, not just skin color, facial features, even fine lines on the face.More importantly, it's not like a normal hardcore emulation, it can be very soft and very tactile.

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