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Mold production don't know these 5 points?

Mold production don't know these 5 points? It's really a waste to buy silicone of good quality!!   Recently, a customer feedback said that they bought some good silicone to make mold, but the finished mold was not so good,So today,HY silicone expert will teach you five points to let your silicone mold usage doubled even more! The first point: deal with good model & release agent Choose a good mold is important! because only the mold is perfect, the silicone mold will be perfect. If the surface of the mold is not particularly smooth, the mold must be ground and polished to make the surface smooth enough.And apply a layer of mold release agent on the mold surface, which is convenient for later demoulding.The release agent can usually have the following four types: vaseline, soapy water, detergent, and liquid paraffin. The second point: Proportionate and accurate weighing & even stirring In strict accordance with the product specification, the AB component is weighed and added according to the specified ratio. Generally, the ratio is 100:2-5 or 1:1, and of course 10:1, and then stirring the AB two component uniformly. (Example: Take 100 g of component A silicone and add 2 g of component B curing agent.) If the silicone and curing agent do not mix well, there will be a piece of the mold that has solidified and one piece has not cured. It will affect the life of silicone molds and the number of the duplication times, and even cause the mold to be scrapped.   The third point: vacuum After mixing the silicone and curing agent ,put them into vacuum pumping, the vacuum time should not be too long, under normal circumstances 3-5 minutes can be up to no more than 10 minutes, if the vacuum time is too long, silicone and curing will have cross-linked reflection that it cannot be painted or poured. This will cause the silicone to be scrapped! PS:Until-0.1mpa,you can take out it!     The fourth point: Pouring or Brushing Pouring way:Pour the vacuumed silicone along one corner of the mold frame, it is more easy to reduce the generation of bubbles when pouring, because the bubbles will affect the use rate of the mold. Brushing way:Brush the vacuumed silicone to the surface of the mold. Make sure that the brushing must be uniform. Otherwise, some parts of the pattern will not replicate. When finish it then wait for 10-20 minutes while the first layer starts to stick, we continue to brush the second layer of silicone to a thickness of about 0.3-0.5 cm per layer. When the second layer begin to stick, spread a layer of gauze or fiberglass cloth; then brush a layer of silicone again, spread a layer of glass fiber cloth, finally brush a layer of silicone. Only by doing so, the service life of the silicone mold and the number of the duplication times will relatively increased, which can save costs and improve efficiency. Note: The main reason for laying gauze or fiberglass cloth is to increase the tear resistance of silicone molds and improve the service life of the mold. (PS: If necessary, it is recommended to make an outer mold to prevent the mold from being deformed during pouring to affect the finished product.)   The last but not the least: take the mold & Stand 24 hours then put it into production! After standing 3-5 hours, the silicone is completely cured and the mold can be removed. The silicone mold is completed!However, in order to make the silicone mold more durable, it is recommended to release the mold 24 hours later, to let the performance of the silicone mold can be completely stabilized, and then put into production.   The above article was sourced from HongYe Silicone (www.szrl.net), a 20-year focused liquid silicone, silicone plus silicone, silicone body, electronic potting silicone, pad printing silicone, foam silicone development and production, more information on liquid silicone Please pay attention to wechat subscription number :HY-GuiJiao. Please indicate the source. Thank you.

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