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How to use platinum cure silicone rubber?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2019-10-31

Hello, welcome to Hong Ye Silicone Rubber course.
Today, we would like to introduce you our platinum cure silicone rubber.
Platinum cure silicone rubber is food grade and totally environmental-friendly. Also it is with very good performance, high tear strength, high tensile strength, low shrinkage, good elongation, low viscosity and easy to release bubbles.
Therefore, it is welcome to many customers all over the world.

When customers bought such a good silicone rubber, they often ask: “ how to use platinum cure silicone rubber?”
Wow, that is really a good question!
Today, we just want to share with you how to use platinum cure silicone rubber.

Step 1: You need to prepare some tools, some bottles, electronic blender, electronic scale, silicone rubber part A and part B, duster cloth.

Step 2: You should clean the bottles and electronic blender, and make sure all is clean totally.

Step 3: You should make sure the temperature should be above 15 degree when you operate it and when curing. Room temperature 25 degree will be better.

Step 4: You can put one bottle on the electronic scale, then adjust the weight display of electronic scale to 0 kg.

Step 5: Pour platinum cure silicone rubber Part A into the bottle 1kg, then pour platinum cure silicone rubber Part B into the bottle 1kg.
That is 2kg in total,

Step 6: Use the electronic blender to stir the platinum cure silicone rubber A and B evenly.

Step 7: Pour the mixed silicone rubber to cover the original mold. After 3-5 hours, the silicone rubber will get cured and you will get a beautiful mould.

Hello guys, do you know how to use platinum cure silicone rubber now?

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