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Injection molding of silicone and rubber contrast-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Injection molding silicone advantages:
  1, save labor, high yield, forming a short time, tens products, saving raw materials, high yield, scrap, scrap scrap rate is 5% about 4, nontoxic and tasteless, high-quality human life
  What is rubber?
  Compound also called high-temperature rubber, HTV (high temperature vulcanization), it is by the high molecular weight vinyl raw rubber, after mixing made by adding silica powder, the curing agent is generally dual twenty-five or bis Fourth, they are made of peroxide, may contain some toxicity, the future will be gradually injection molding silicone instead.
  Rubber advantages: a low technical content, who will do 2, 3 cheap, cheap processing equipment, molding machines
  Mix Disadvantages: one, a waste of labor, molding machine high temperature damage the health of workers is not conducive to workers long-term job 2, complex processing processes (mixing plus curing agent, mixing palette, sliced, artificial weighing) the need to manually control (mold release material waste discharge less product scrap scrap scrap rate of 15% -20%), curing time is too long, low output

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