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The function and Classification of manual mold silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22


Function of Manual mold silicone :

1. Test products apperance: manual is not only visual, but can touch, it can very intuitive kind reflect the designer's creativity to avoid the disadvantage of  "good looking in draw but not for true article".So in new product development of manual mold, the process of carefully examined the product apperance is essential.

2. Test structure design: because the manual can assemble, so it can directly reflect thestructure is reasonable or not, ease of installation. To find and solve problems on time.

3. To avoid the risk of open-mold: because of the higely cost of making molds,(some Large molds will cost hundreds of thousands,some even will cost few millions. ) so if there unreasonable structure or other problem occurs during the process of open-mould,the loss is really terrible. But the manual mold production is able to avoid such a loss , reduce open-mold risk.

4. Make the product available much earlier time:the production of  Manual mold is exceeding ,one can production of the advance, you can publicize your products before the production,it can do great help to the pre-sales, the preparation for produce, so it can open and occupate the market at the very beginning.


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